November 22, 2011

Meet: Kristy & TJ

It started over Dunkin Donuts. Hazelnut, sugar & cream coffee to be exact. And, being the huge Starbucks fan that I am, I can forgive them for that. Because every great love story has to have a start. And this just makes theirs a little sweeter. They were both interning for the summer at JPMorgan. And they found themselves passing in the halls, providing the same obligatory smiles and head nods. Never knowing just how their much their paths would cross in the future.

A quick senior year apart and they were back in those familiar hallways, working just a few floors apart. There were all the familiar smiles and head nods for sure, but somehow this time it all felt….different. As the long warm days of summer gave way to the chill of November, coffee and small talk gave way to dinner and movies. And the feeling of being inseparable. Until what they both started to realize was that it would be one path, their path together, stretching out into the future. Sure it may have started where they least expected it, over sugar & cream coffee to be exact. But that somehow just makes their story…

a little bit sweeter.

Meet: Kristy & TJ

We met up with these guys in the City over the weekend to do a quick shoot around their favorite baseball fields in Central Park, to spend time with their super cute pooch Buddy, and to capture these two just as they started. With plenty of sweetness. And it should be noted as a credit to how awesome these two are, that at the end of the shoot they gave us what? A starbucks gift card! K&T, it was our honor to spend the afternoon with you. And we can’t wait to do it all over again this time next year!

So much love,

  1. Jason and Amy

    Great job on these guys! There choice of clothing in these makes all the difference!

  2. Sandra "I heart J&M" Costello

    Love the lines, love the location and LOVE the beagle!

  3. Amanda Driver

    You’re killin’ me, smalls! They are hotties! And these photos are gor.geous.

  4. Kristi Chappell

    Beautiful and classy….wonderful work!

  5. Sasha Norgaard

    This is such a great shoot!! Perfect balance of b&w and coloured images. The bride to be is just stunning : )

  6. Lisa cour

    I just wonder…could she be ANY prettier?? Love the classic look they went for.

  7. Shannon Rosan

    Love the cinematic, 1960’s feel to this shoot!!

  8. Michael

    Absolutely love the two black and whites with the tunnel in the background. Love the photoshoot!

  9. Girish

    Beautiful. Love the b/w’s. Looks like stills from a old movie :)

  10. Abby Grace

    I love all of these black and whites! Seriously- New York City = gorgeous in B&W. Those shots of them sitting in the tunnel are so beautiful!

  11. LEOLAK

    Wow! Talk about smoking hot!!! Gorgeous couple..she’s is just stunning! These pics are the BOMB!!!! Adorable dog too!

  12. Alicia Candelora

    Gosh, she is beautiful!

  13. Stephanie Stewart

    Love all of these! She is beautiful, they are beautiful! What a romantic session! Gorgeous!

  14. Jennifer Medeiros

    Your images convey so much emotion! Amazing!!!

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