April 6, 2010

Meet: Lauren & Jim

She loves wine, rugby, Hoboken and him. Hoboken because it brought them together.

Him because he made it feel like home.

Meet: Lauren & Jim

They met on St. Patty’s day. A friend’s party. The right light. A good beer. Now, just a year later they are engaged and planning a September wedding. Because Lauren, a girl after my own heart, knows a good thing when she sees it. And Jim, being the really smart guy that he is, knows that when you find something this good you hold on with both hands and you don’t ever let it go! L&J we had the best time exploring your town together. Thank you for spending the day with us and showing us why Hoboken feels like Home.

So much love,

Uh. Yea. Lauren, you’re the kind of girl where when you walk into a room things start to move in slow motion. And there are wind machines. I’m just sayin.


Just look at those eyes!

This one just makes my heart happy.

After a quick outfit change it was wine time. And just check out the rock Jim picked for Lauren! Good job Jim, very good job!

Jim you are looking quite handsome yourself.

It’s go time. Lauren used to play on a women’s rugby team. There’s no messin’ around here.

We spent some time hanging out at the Stevens campus where Jim graduated.

And the light was YUMMY.

LOOOOOVE this one!

Don’t know why but this one really grabs me.

Don’t know if I’ve ever said Raaar to the groom before…..but Raaar Jim, Rar!

How cute are they?!

J grabbed this one and I heart it. Does anyone else think that Jim looks like Jim from the Office just with shorter hair?

We wrapped up the day hanging out at L&J’s favorite restaurant. Love that it says local gossip, local grub.

And two more just for fun! We played around with putting the dx lens on the full frame camera and the natural lens vignetting it created. Kinda cool! :)

Lauren & Jim, you guys are amazing! We can’t wait to see you again in just a few months for the real deal. I’ll be sure to pack an extra oar! :)

  1. Lauren

    you guys are AMAZING!!! love love love the photos and can’t wait to see you in september :)

  2. Nicky Peterson

    AMAZING!! I see so many Save the Date and wedding invitation possibilities!! No wonder Hoboken feels like home. It’s beautiful!!

  3. Jenna Harar

    Love! Lauren I’m so excited for you and Jim…you will have a blast with Justin & Mary they are absolutely wonderful!!!

  4. Candace Prokopets

    These are so much fun! Your pictures really tell their story well. Great job!

  5. Realtor Dad

    I learned to eat steamer clams at the Clam Broth House when I was a kid! Thanks for the memory.

  6. MB

    The photos have such a fun, warm feel to them. You two fit well together. Beautiful shots!

  7. Jacob Bergmeier

    Ohhh very pretty. I heart the same one you do too Mary. Very cute image of them kissing.

  8. Maura Peterson

    Absolutely fabulous

  9. Sharon

    Awesome! My little baby cousin is all grown up…. Beautiful!

  10. Alison

    The wine series are perfect! Beautiful shots!

  11. fEuza

    oh that ring! hit me up girl when you come to town, lol
    Hoboken is hot!

  12. Spring

    Love the last two. Lens vignetting gets a thumbs up. :)

  13. kat

    just love these! everything about them. l-o-v-e.

  14. {15:51} photography

    Beautiful ring shot…I just love it!

  15. maggieb

    winin’ and dinin’ and lovin’ in Hoboken…life is good indeed. Meeting people on your blog is like knowing them; that is your magic. That bench shot does it for me too!

  16. jeramy

    these are great! beautiful ring shot….that’s my fav! oh! sharon and i are having identical twins!!!!! whoa!!!

  17. MM

    @Jeramy; WHAAAAAAT?! That’s awesome guys!! Congratulations!!!

  18. Ray

    I love the playful rigby shot with Lauren and Jim that you captured. So cute. And I also love the shot that Julia grabbed. =o)

  19. Tammie

    Just beautiful MM & JM!! Love it all, but what grabs me are the shots where it doesn’t even seem like you’re there – you captured their true love & it’s just magical :)

  20. MB

    I keep coming back to view these photos almost every day. I find different things I hadn’t noticed before. Love them!

  21. JB Karelitz

    Nothing like a wedding to jump start your modeling career!

    You guys look great!

    Congratulations on your engagement!

  22. LD

    Wow…. this looks like a photo shoot for the Catalogue of LOve… and if there isn’t already a Catalogue of LOve, congrats, you’ve just started one. Honestly, I think I got pregnant looking at these photo’s… and I am a postmenopausal male. Best wishes Lauren and Jim… and bravo to your photo-artist J&M!

  23. Auntie

    My favorite shot is of the two of you standing in the middle of the road, both looking sideways. I like the lighting and the way you are positioned together. Very nice.

  24. Jennifer Moskowitz

    The first picture is so absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. And I teared up while looking at all of these. I love Lauren and Jim! And the photographers, who I will probably be contacting about my wedding!

  25. Allie

    My favorite is the one of you guys sitting on the bench looking out at the city! or the first one!

  26. Christina

    You guys look so happy and in love! I adore the one of you guys on the bench. The one where you’re playing around with the rugby ball is another favorite.

  27. Lisa Zopatti

    Love the one on the bench

  28. Evelyn

    Great shots! There are so many great ones I just can’t pick my favorite. I like so many for different reasons. Can’t wait to see the shots from the big day!

  29. Lisa Doyle

    Wow, love is in the air! These are gorgeous shots that you will treasure forever. I love them all! Very original and totally spectacular! Looking forward to the wedding pics…

  30. Auntie Lorraine & Uncle Tommy

    LOVE them all!! You both look so happy and so much in love. Justin & Mary have captured your love for each other in every photo…absolutely beautiful photography!!

  31. Tray

    The bench shot is great – judging by these, you’ll have a hard time picking your wedding photos!

  32. jeannie steele

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love is a wonderful thing! You both look so happy.Can’t wait for the BIG DAY!

  33. Auntie Marie

    Love the bench shot….and the black & white’s of you two on the street leaning on the railing. Can’t wait for the wedding. Love Auntie M

  34. Cindy S

    Great Pictures! You both look so great! Congratulations!!!

  35. Lora Hobart

    I just love the picture on the bench.

  36. Aimee

    I love all of the pics but I think my favorites are the ones where each one of them is out of focus. It really shows alot about a strong marriage becasue of how much you focus on the other person. I also like the one in black and white where you are laughing; such a great candid shot.

  37. Cris

    Wow – I didn’t know I knew people in a Gap ad! Great photos!

  38. Meaghan

    Love the wine/ring pics!

  39. Ashley

    Ditto-LOVE the wine/ring picture! You guys look amazing in all of them!


  40. Jamie

    I think the very first one would have to be an obvious favorite!!

  41. Myra

    Love them all! But of course, the rugby one ranks at the top of my list! :)

  42. Jeanine DeRosa

    What beautiful pictures and what a perfect couple! I can’t wait for the wedding!

  43. Les/Dad

    Great photos! Like the rugby one, except it looks like "Holding"

  44. joan/mom

    icouldn’t make a decision. i loved them all!!!!!

  45. Moe Greene

    I once killed a guy in Jersey right on the corner of the building where you two are making out. For sentimental reasons that one’s my favorite.

  46. Heather

    These are amazing.. I really like the ones with the wine/ picnic. They are all so classy and the one of the ring is INCREDIBLE! It caught more detail than my own eyes could. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures :)

  47. Jim

    I love your eyes in the second photo.

  48. Maureen

    Hi You Two Love Birds!

    I like photo number six because it really shows you two have a mutual admiration society going on.

  49. Shelly

    Love Love LOVE the pictures! You guys are so cute! Congrats again!

  50. Mary Fritz

    Happy to visit the celebration of you in pictures – lovely! Looking forward to sharing your wedding day.

  51. Melissa

    They all came out so great, but I am a big fan of the picture of you two sitting on the bench!

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