May 13, 2009

Meet: Leslie & Brian

She’s the kind of girl that you marry.

That’s what he thought the first time he saw her. Not the kind of girl that you date, because dating just wouldn’t be enough. This is the kind of girl that you build a life with. Laugh with. Love. She’s the kind of girl you only dream of finding. A girl who’s at home in an Irish pub and cheers louder for the Red Sox than you do. She’s comfortable and familiar and beautiful on the inside and out. And everything about her… just fits.

He’s the kind of guy that you marry.

She knew it the first time she saw him. This is the kind of guy that you hold on to. Care for. Love. The kind of guy you only dream of finding. A guy who will take care of you when you’re sick and make you laugh til it hurts. He’s comfortable and familiar and in every way the real deal. And everything about him….just fits.

Meet: Leslie & Brian

Leslie was actually Justin’s roommate the year that we met. So she’s known us…as long as there’s been an us to speak of! And we met Brian for the first time when they came to our wedding a year and a half ago. We sat with them the next morning over brunch eating omelets and sipping mimosas. And even then we could see…this is the kind of couple that should be married!

And we’re just the lucky ones who will get to bet there to capture it this summer right outside of Bah-ston. Where there’s no Pah-kin on Hancock Street.

And guess what… we can’t wait!

So yea…..there was this magical field of blue flowers. Annnnnd scene. We pretty much didn’t move from there. Because let’s be honest….how many times in life are you handed a magical field of blue flowers? Once, twice maybe??

The super-handsome Brian

How beautiful is Leslie??

There was LOTS of laughing!

And Dancing!


There was also ear-biting….and snuggling!

I think this is my favorite shot of the day!

  1. Lesley

    I love that you started the post with "She’s the kind of girl that you marry." – beautiful!! :D

  2. imthiaz houseman

    what a cute couple, great beautiful images.

  3. oneshotbeyond

    Beautiful session…lovin’ the blue flowers. Lots of cute shots here.

  4. Brandon Gresham

    I love their casual/comfortable style!

  5. Val McCormick

    Field of flowers – How Cool!!! What a great session. This must be your Bah-ston session you had around the same time I had mine :-) What a great couple and story! This session is your branding….all the browns and blues ;-) AWESOME!!!

  6. Amy Clifton

    Love your description of them…made me teary-eyed and so happy for these people I don’t even know! The pics of them laying in the flowers are all adorable…don’t blame you one bit for not leaving that field!

  7. Erik Maziarz

    wow love the series laying down in the flowers – SUPER! great shots as always, and what a smile on Leslie!

  8. J's Mom & Dad

    Lesley, Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you and Brian.

  9. rachel darley

    Magical indeed!! What a dream! Beautiful couple…the best of luck to them!! May their life together be nothing but magical =)

  10. Christa

    Love the blue & yellow together :) You guys always have awesome colourful photos!

  11. The Apprentice ;)

    What a great couple! Their chemistry is magnetic! You two capture a couple’s essence better than anyone!!

  12. erin harvey

    What a sweet story! Love your "favorite" one and the last one for sure. =)

  13. Nate and Arancha Photography

    Beautiful colors! Your pictures are great!

  14. Jenna

    Wow, what a fantastic field of flowers. I wouldn’t have left either. I also love the yellow from the trees behind them when they are lying on the ground.

  15. Bobbie Brown

    Fabulous! love the location!!

  16. Sherrill Bull

    Justin & Mary the photos are just as awesome as the couple. Of course I’m not very impartial. Can’t wait to see Justin again and meet Mary.

  17. Greer Rivera

    Mary-Thanks for the comment about my dog, it was a very sad day..
    I listened to your interview on F-Stop Beyond today, you are so funny… call me if you ever need a second shooter this summer, I’m on the Vineyard!

  18. Leslie

    You guys are phenomenal. I love the one of me laughing and Brian making his ‘what me?’ face. It is so US!

  19. Jennifer Bryskiewicz

    What an amazing collection of photographs. I have always thought that Leslie and Brian look fantastic together, but you have really captured their fun loving spirit. Beautiful.

  20. Robert J. Trenske

    I really like the colors in these photos. SWEET!!

  21. Ray

    I love the two photos of Leslie and Brian dancing. I also love the two photos with their backs to the camera looking at the flowers. So sweet. And what a beautiful field of blue flowers indeed! I love fields like that.

  22. Feuza

    You guys are on a role! I absolutely luve these!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Marissa Rodriguez

    These are beautiful! The little blue flowers are the best! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I have had you guys in my ‘bookmarks’ for a while now so I was really excited to see that you took the time to look at my work!

  24. Doug Greenlee

    The photos do a wonderful job of capturing the relationship between Leslie & Brian.

  25. Jean G

    Leslie and Brian, I like to two photos where Leslie has a screwed up look on her face. Reminds of one taken by her Grandpa Greenlee when she was little. Am I partial, yes, Grandma G.

  26. Bern

    I love the one where you are holding hands and looking at each other. The other two I adore are the last one and the one above that where the 2 of you are to the extreme right of the photo — awesome! That really captures Leslie’s personality for me.

  27. Sarah Walrath

    Wow! Your pix are awesome! They did a wonderful job. Hard to choose my fav! You guys look beautiful!!

  28. Dennis Bullock

    These are fantastic guys!

  29. spollack

    You are so cute! I love these pics

  30. denise karis

    oh goodness – I love this – what a great thing to be a type of girl that you marry – so many girls right now are … well… NOT girls that you marry – and same with guys – theyre so sweet and the photos are beautiful!

  31. Mary Ann

    Beautiful subjects in a wonderful setting….captured memories for years to come.

  32. Lisa H. Chang

    Awww! I love these photos, and the colors, especially the last series. Woohoo! Great job!!! :)

  33. Cristen

    Love these images. What a perfect backdrop as well! :) As always beautiful images! I love the last one! :)

  34. Nicole

    Les & Brian make an adorable couple – "on film" and in real life! Great job!

  35. Kathy Greenlee

    These pictures are fantastic. You two look like you are having so much fun together. Can’t wait to see you in person again. My love to you both. Aunt Kathy

  36. jeramy

    great description! beautiful shots.

  37. sheri tennison berg

    I love the soft muted colors here. so beautiful and springy!

  38. joshua k

    Beautiful & Sweet! Love this set so much :)

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