April 17, 2009

Meet: Lindsay

Meet Lindsay.

She’s an up and coming actress and model, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is the out. She had us cracking up the whole day! And it’s pretty safe to say, she got it honest. Lindsay just happens to be the oldest daughter of Ann Nyberg…an amazing lady who is always as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. And who can ALWAYS crack us up! Keep an eye on these two….trust me when I say, they are poised to take this world by storm!

Ann & Lindsay, we love you both! And we are lucky to call you friends!

Special thanks to Brianne Campbell who came down from the Hallmark Institute to rock this shoot with us!!

And just for fun, thought we’d play a little “whose are whose” on this one. These first two are Justin’s….

and this one is mine.

early on in our shoot we found this KILLER super-secret gray wall and we just didn’t want to leave! Obviously, we made both Lindsay and Brianne sign a non-disclosure agreement as to where exactly it is! :P



Both of these are mine:

And so is this one:





















  1. Simone

    WOW, WOW,WOW!! These are stunning! Lindsay is gorgeous and you guys definitely rocked this session!

  2. Derek

    I know where that wall is! It’s in …. oh hey, Jus! How are.. ack! What are you doing? No! Not the fingers! NOOOoooo…..

  3. Mary Marantz

    LOL!!!! I almost spit my coffee across the room!

  4. Catie Ronquillo

    What a fun shoot! Love those ones of Lindsay in the door frame, sassy! :)

  5. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    LOVE the super secret wall! Lynsday is gorgeous!

  6. Kelli Taylor

    These are killer! Beautiful job!

  7. jeramy

    whoohoo! smokin!

  8. Velia

    What an awesome location and gorgeous girl. These are all great. You both ROCK!

  9. Yuka photo art

    Looks like a fun Session! Stunning images! Love colors!!!

  10. Katelyn

    Love these! Beautiful photos!
    p.s. awesome gray wall :)

  11. Amy Clifton

    Holy shamoly, these are unbelievable!! The wall is awesome, the light amazing, the oats, the doorway, the colors. Wow, blown away!! Good stuff guys.

  12. Vanessa Millecam

    So…lets see…what is another word for AMAZING…BEAUTIFUL…FABULOUS….STUNNING…HOT? I think PERFECTION just about sums it up! HOLY SMOKES!

  13. Erica Velasco

    Love the styling! The poses…everything!

  14. Jeanette

    Oh i love them!! That gray wall is amazing!

  15. Emily Mason

    WOW! These are awesome!!

  16. erin harvey

    these are all incredible! thanks for curing my curiosity about whose are whose… that is always the question with two amazing photogs. =)

  17. oneshotbeyond

    she sure knows how to work the poses! WOW!

  18. Amy Starks

    These are insanely awesome – she’s gorgeous! Nice job! :)

  19. Robert J. Trenske

    I Love this session. I especially LOVE the tall grass but I have this crazy obsession with long grass. The ones in the doorway are really awesome too. Really nice job!

  20. Vicki Souza

    These are H-O-T! I love that blue coat – great job!

  21. Jen May


  22. Navy Sou

    S-MOK-IN’ HAUTE!!!!

  23. Katelyn

    almost missed these! LOVEEE them!

  24. gina lee

    oh my.. these are so awesome… awesomeness…
    Thanks for sharing….

  25. Stephanie Stewart

    These are awesome! Love the gray wall, and the tall grass, awesome locations, beautiful model!

  26. Robin Dini

    hot hot hot!! love the simple backgrounds!

  27. Beth

    The pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding. My favorite one is the close up of Abby and Ryan in part two!

  28. Lisa H. Chang

    PLEASE do share how you did the lighting! These photos just pop! Amazing. :)

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