August 26, 2013

Meet: Lori & Dan

Good morning!

And welcome to our second day in this power week of photo posts!! Today we have for you the sweet Maine engagement shoot of Lori & Dan!

We decided to meet up with these guys for their shoot while we were up that way for Jamie & Ryan’s Kennebunkport wedding. But on the drive up there that day, the heavens opened up and let me tell you, it was POURING the whole way. Lori & I were on the phone as Justin drove, trying to decide what to do. And in the end, we just decided to GO for it and see what happened! Because you never know if you never try, right?

And sure enough, by the time we got to the York Harbor Inn, the rain had stopped and the clouds parted just enough to let some silver light break through a cement mixer sky. Just long enough for us to run out on the beach and do a quick engagement shoot with them!

And this combination made for the most insanely AMAZING backdrop….fog rolling in, all the sand was wet & reflecting light everywhere, the colors were that much more vibrant against the gray. It was GORGEOUS!

So I’ve set the stage! :) Now just sit back, relax & enjoy as you….

Meet: Lori & Dan

L&D, we LOVED meeting you guys & having that awesome dinner afterwards! It just makes us all the more excited to celebrate with you next month! You are such a beautiful couple, inside & out, and it is truly an honor to be your photographers! See you soon! xoxo

  1. Tiffany Farley

    So so so gorgeous! Those black and whites? Killer. Love.

  2. Rachel McCloud

    Perfect setting and a gorgeous couple:) 5 & 6 & the last image are my favorites. So perfect:)

  3. Emilia Jane


  4. danielle acken

    sigh….you guys make my heart happy. That was beautiful!

  5. Rici

    Oh Wow! That weather has provided such gorgeousness for you! I love the color of her dress and necklace!! LOvely you guys! Salutiii.

  6. Heather

    LOVE these! especially the black and whites

  7. Kathleen Kelecy

    Simly wonderful…..

  8. Alli McWhinney

    Beautiful! The weather definitely added some awesome drama to the images!

  9. sharon elizabeth

    second to last image… would be blown up HUGE on my wall if that was of chase and i~!!!

  10. Megan Decker

    Oh my.. the details, the gorgeous, smooth, incredible sand, stunning!!!!

  11. Dallas Curow

    Guys, these photos are incredible. I just LOVE the way you process your black and white images. They’re so creamy and cinematic and lovely. My favourite shot of the whole bunch? The second last one — epic!

  12. Cathy

    Oh my word! So gorgeous!!!! The 2nd to last pic is my fave-totally perfect. And I so want her necklace :-)

  13. Sandra Fazzino


  14. Cindy Habel

    These images are stunning! and the b&w…wow!!

  15. Ruth

    2nd to last is fabulous. The colour is perfect.

  16. Katelyn James

    AHHH! LOVE that second to last one! Gave me chills! And her necklace? Well you know I’m obsessed:) She’s going to be a gorgeous J&M bride!

  17. Nan

    those last photos…they look like they stepped right into an ansel adams print. AA meets J+M? nuts!

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