December 19, 2010

Meet: Malika & Vinay

Meet: Malika & Vinay

These guys are getting married this coming April in sunny California, so we got together with them a while back in frozen New Haven to do a quick engagement shoot & grab dinner. We absolutely fell in love with them, and we know you will too!


  1. Emily Crall

    Gosh, they are beautiful! I love the shots and the angles!

  2. Dennis Bullock

    Fantastic guys!

  3. Girish

    Oh and Indians…I don’t know whether they do know Hindi but, photos bahot hi acche ayein hien..(the photographs have really come out well)

    Great shot guys. I like the focus in these shots. The closeness of these two is well handled.

  4. bindu anand

    Great job Justin and Mary! Thank you for such beautiful memories.

  5. Prabha - Jawahar

    Lovely pics, J&M.. excitedly, we look forward to the wedding pics in April 2011… keep it up..

  6. Malika

    You guys are amazing! I cannot wait to share these with our friends and family. As you can see, our parents love them. Thank you so much! See you in April :)

  7. Adarsh and Suman

    Bindu,thanks for sharing the pictures. They both look great. Look forward to more pictures and the wedding in April.

  8. Geeta & Paul Sikand

    Bindu, thanks for sharing the pics. Malika & Vinay make a great couple….so natural together. Looking forward to the wedding celebrations. love, Geeta & Paul

  9. Peggy Taheri

    What a handsome couple!! Must make the job of the photographer easier! Looking forward to seeing everyone in person! Love from Peggy and Hassan

  10. Neera and Anil

    Awesome photos. Made for each other couple.

  11. Pratima and Perry Lamba

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Can’t wait for the wedding!

  12. shalini & sheena

    great pictures – make a handsome

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