September 12, 2013

Meet: Margaret & Marcelo

Good morning & Happy Thursday!

Today we have for you the sweet engagement shoot of Margaret & Marcelo! When we first met with Margaret for her wedding, we bonded over a shared love of wine and Robusto cheese. But we soon found out that when it comes to wine, Margaret is WAY more well-versed than we are! You see, her family started a vineyard in Connecticut a while ago and for the past couple of years she & her fiance Marcelo have been running it. So it only seemed fitting that when we met up with the two of them for their engagement shoot, we would do it right in the rows of grapes that they have helped grow.

Working together ourselves, I LOVE that M&M have helped build not just a vineyard and a business together, but a life together. They have been together for over ten years now, ever since they were just teenagers. And so their wedding this month is going to be a celebration of both a history and a future. Of what they have already done together as a team, and all the big things yet to come. And we for one, just feel so lucky that we get to be there to document it.

M&M we can’t thank you enough for an amazing day & that ahhh-mazing spread you put together! Parma prosciutto is officially one of my favorite new foods now! We can’t WAIT for the big day!

So much love,

  1. Jenny McQueen

    These are lovely. I have to get photo-geek on you, I’m always impressed with how you guys handle color balance. The tones are simply gorgeous!

  2. Sue McFarland

    WOW!! These are absolutely beautiful!! That young lady is gorgeous with some killer calves!! They must LOVE these photos. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. René Tate


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