July 25, 2009

Meet: Margi & Ryan

Meet: Margi & Ryan

We met up with these two in Newport for their “Get to Know You” shoot themed all around the town. You can’t possibly get more New England than Newport….unless of course you dressed up in head to toe in J. Crew and ate clam chowder all day. And then it would still be pretty close! Margi & Ryan are getting married exactly one week from today, so in honor of that and without any further ado, I proudly present… their pictures!!

We started out down by the docks with the tall ships…

There was this really cool checkerboard pattern on the ground!

Then we headed on over to IYRS (the International Yacht Restoration School)….where there were boats!! :)

Lots and lots of boats!!

Margi is a big Guitar Hero fan (ooooh…..or was it Rockband?? I always get those two confused….probably because I’m TERRIBLE at both!!) so here she is rockin’ out some of her best moves!!

Then we got to sneak inside IYRS, where they are restoring “The Coronet” which was originally built in 1885. Craziness!! There are all these cool little artifacts that they found in the ship, and tons of beautiful light from the floor to ceiling windows.

Crazy little pully doo-dads….

and hooks, lots of hooks.

After that, we cruised up to Ocean drive to check out the bluffs.

The bluffs were looking pretty good, if ever so slightly perilous.

And then we headed back down by the docks for sunset and found this happy lil’ guy!

We hung out with him a lot because he made me happy too!! :)

That’s it…the end!

Margi & Ryan, we will see you in one week exactly!! Where, we fully expect to see some of those rock moves on the dance floor!!

  1. Missy Smith

    I LOVE the one of them standing on the rocks! I could imagine seeing a large canvas of that one hanging over their bed! Awesome work!!!

  2. jen berry

    i was just staring at this thinking how beautiful they are. simply clean, loving, classic, and gorgeous. i would love to have photos of my husband and i like this…ditto that on a large canvas of the rocks shot

  3. Chris Reed

    Really like the nautical/New England feel that the boats, and the colors outside the IYRS give the images. Cool shots.

  4. michelle Sidles

    There’s just nothing better than crisp white pants. :) except your photos, of course. ;)

  5. Margi

    J&M – Thank you so much for capturing this side of us. We are SO pleased with our photos. They get better every time I look at them. Looking forward to seeing you in a week!

  6. Bet

    Adorable couple. Really love feeling you captured with this couple. Can’t wait to see their wedding shots.

  7. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Love all those old boats!!! And that last pic made me smile. Too cute!

  8. Jaci Clark

    LOVE these! Especially the ones in front of the old, rusty boats. Great work as usual :-)


  9. Yuka photo art

    Beautiful locations with amazing details! These two look fabulous!

  10. Caroline Ghetes Photography

    Cute couple! And I love all the colors and details!

  11. Dennis Bullock

    The shots in the boat yard are so cool!

  12. Ray

    I love the photo of Ryan pulling Margi in for a kiss with her scarf. ;o) And I like the photo of Margi & Ryan look out at the docks.

  13. Bob

    OK, even though they don’t look old enough to be getting married, I love the shots.

  14. johnwaire | photo

    ROCKIN location! great job as always.

  15. Tira J

    Um…..really hot couple with some boats on your blog! Wowzers! These images are amazing! Great work!

  16. Cindy

    beautiful images. Love the nautical backdrop. my favorite is the picture of them sitting on the floor with the natural light coming in from their left. Your use of black and white is fabulous too!

  17. Katherine Bowman

    These are beautiful! What fun locations! Great job you guys!

  18. Feuza

    I so want to do a nautical theme… loved all the colors, and Mr Happy is so cute… these shots are beautiful, as always..

  19. maggie

    there is nothing like the romance of a harbor or a sailboat…now, especially when captured by you!

  20. Terry

    These shots are wonderful. And J & M I think you are fabulous. Every shot is better than the one before. Your style is unique – I’m so happy Ryan found you…

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