April 27, 2012

Meet: Megan & Nicholas

Happy Friday!

Justin & I have spent most of the day recovering from the, let’s just say it, epicness of the past two days. Right about now I feel like I just ran a marathon into a decathalon into the Tour de France. And then went on an episode of Jeopardy. To say that we’re tired would be on the same level of understatement as saying Kate Middleton has some ok clothes.

We’re exhausted.

But in the best absolute way possible.

More on that to come! But for now I wanted to go ahead and post up out latest engagement shoot, just under the wire, to send you off into your weekend right!

Meet: Megan & Nicholas

We met up with these guys on a cold, blustery day in New England earlier this week to shoot their “camping on the beach” vibe engagement shoot. What was supposed to be a warm sunny day with golden light quickly turned into a cement mixer sky with icy gusts of wind whipping in on off the water. And looking at them now, it is the best possible thing that could have happened. Because that gray sky made for an incredible backdrop, and that wind just gave Megan & Nick every excuse in the world to cuddle (not that they needed one!). Mix in an amazing couple that we adore and that great silver light that only a blustery New England day can provide, and you have the formula for what has quickly become one of our absolute favorite engagement session. Ever.

Plus we got to hang out with Megan & Nick afterwards to hit up some chicken and mashed potato pizza. Yep, that’s pretty much my perfect day.

Enjoy! And happy Friday y’all!

  1. Chelsea McGowan

    J&M, I love this so much it hurts me. I want it for my own. So so so so beautiful. They will cherish these their whole lives!

  2. Emilia Jane

    This is SO YOU!! I love it :-D

  3. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    The photography and styling soooo speak to me! p.s. Where is Megan’s dress from.. iWant !!!

  4. Kimberly Murray

    The gray skies went perfectly with the styling. LOVE these images of a beautiful couple.

  5. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Wow! These are amazing! Love the tent (and the pillows and the blanket…) and the wind!

  6. Bethany Ann

    Beyond gorgeous. I am in love with these images and this couple and I don’t even know them. Ahh, the power of photographs. :) Happy Weekend!!

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    LOOOOOOVE!!!!! So beautiful!

  8. maggieb

    …been checkin’ in all day to see what was up next! You never disappoint…love the soft hues and tone of the day…making the love and sentiment tangible.

  9. Caitlin

    There is absolutely no better feeling right now than knowing that two of our favorite friends were able to have this day with you. I just did an embarrassing squeal as these loaded knowing the experience they had, will continue to have, with you guys. These are absolutely stunning. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple, I love everything about this.

  10. Cathy

    Gorgeous images!!!!!!!! And chicken and mashed potato pizza?!?! Must try that– sounds delicious. :)

  11. Paul Manke

    Perfect as usual! Miss you guys!

  12. Megan Macrillo

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! So excited to share them :)

  13. Emily Crall

    Ooooh lordi!! These are FAB!!!

  14. Sydni Jackson

    I love the stormy skies! Beautiful session!

  15. Shannon Rosan

    WOW. Wow. WOW!

  16. ashley barnett

    WHERE can I get that blanket?! I love this!

  17. sharon elizabeth


  18. Nancy Mitchell

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thanks for a fabulous two days:)

  19. Erin Oveis Brant

    I love. Like, LOVE love. That stripe is to freaking die for!!

  20. Lauren Wakefield

    These are just gorgeous!!!!!! LOVE that blanket.

  21. athena

    so much warmth, when it’s so dang cold. these images are beautiful. xo

  22. Suzy G

    So sweet and so beautiful. Love it.

  23. Michael

    Hey guys, I really enjoyed this shoot! Has a great feeling to it, thanks for the share!

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