September 26, 2008

Meet: Melanie & Alton

It was improv class. He still remembers the room. The first time he saw his Melanie.

Walking back into that empty room at the Second City Training Center some six years later, with the light streaming through the giant windows and highlighting dancing dots of dust floating down to the vacant row of chairs below, I could almost hear the haunts of their laughter from those first few days. As Melanie spun around the room into arabesques of heightening difficulty, it was as if she was somehow turning back the time. For just a moment, you could see the Melanie from six years ago dancing and twirling right alongside her. And it was not one, but two Alton’s looking on. One looking adoringly at the woman who became his bride, and the other just seeing the love of his life for the very first time. And as I stood in that room, with past melting into present, I was overcome by a love that is sure to last the ages.

Meet: Melanie & Alton

We did this anniversary shoot with these guys while we were out in LA for Partner Con. They drove all the way up from San Diego to hang out with us…how cool is that?! We just adore doing anniversary shoots so if you’re looking to have one done, hit us up in the info box section!

  1. amber

    The new blog is super cool. Love it guys!

    These images are beautiful!

  2. Heather Colt

    These are killler! who knew you could find such cool spots in such an unfamiliar place! As usual, you rocked it

  3. Aeon Jones

    Great work!

  4. Cathy and David Photographers

    Love the Life is Beautiful shot! That’s freaking awesome!!!

  5. Gina Leigh Bargerhuff

    This shoot ROCKS!! All these images are just blowing my mind. Seriously…great job.

    Gina Leigh

  6. Mandy

    Hey guys…love your work…could someone please tell me where the artwork of Billie Holiday on the building is located…would love to use it for my album. Thanks!

  7. Mary Marantz

    Hey Mandy! Ooh I’m not really sure where it was exactly, but we were in and around Hollywood for the shoot if that helps. Melanie & Alton were driving us around and we just randomly spotted it. It’s a crazy cool wall!!

  8. Melanie

    Hey! Mary spotted this awesome location!!! It’s on a street about a half a block north of Melrose Ave. between Fairfax and LaBrea(closer to Faitfax). You can spot it if you are driving west on Melrose.

  9. Melanie

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the Marantz’s RULE!!!!!

  10. Mandy

    Oooh…Hollywood…well my daughter’s been asking to go…we will have to for sure…thanks so much and beautiful pictures…exquisite actually!!!

  11. Cory Lane Anderson

    I love this shoot …. especially the dancing that made its way into it… gorgeous!

  12. Michael and Carina

    The ones where they share the chair are awesome!

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