December 15, 2010

Meet: Melissa & Marc

You’ve already been informally introduced to Melissa & March through their sneak peeks, but now you get to Meet them for real! And I know you are going to love them as much as we do!

Meet: Melissa & Marc

  1. Marc

    Unbelievable work! Thank you so much for capturing these moments of the two of us:)

  2. Jackie Lamas

    Her dress is adorably vintage and cute! this is such a cute session :)

  3. Carmen

    Love them allllll!!! They all came out great! Fun and a lot of personality/character!

  4. Girish

    Might sound like a broken record but your photographs are amazing !

    The light specially is brilliant here. Nice colors and tones.

  5. MM!

    @Girish; You can play that record all you want!! :P

  6. Phil Thornton

    Hey! I’ve got that same shirt! Mark Ecko right? Haha. Anyway, great sesh as always guys!

  7. Deborah Zoe

    these are beautiful guys, love:)!

  8. Ray

    Another cute couple who’s so into each other. Wonderful shots.

  9. Sam

    These are really cute, I like the soft colours

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