January 22, 2012

Meet: Michelle & Adam

It’s something in the way the say it. Or rather, and maybe more to the point, in the way that they don’t have to say anything at all. It’s a shorthand. A cipher. A lyrical language known only to them. It’s Oh do you think that place still serves the…. and a yep, yep they do. A Really? The one with the label with the.. and a mmm hmm, yep, the one that’s blue. It’s an entire conversation without really saying a word. It’s a look. A knowing. That feeling that somebody, some one single person in this entire great big world, just…gets you. And there’s no greater feeling in the entire world than the feeling of gets you.

Michelle & Adam met when she moved into his building. Where according to her, he had the much better apartment. Soon friends of friends became friends and they all started hanging out together as, well…. friends. But group gatherings turned into time with just the two of them. And conversations that need no words. And what Michelle soon found in Adam, was someone who could finish her sentences. And a world with just the two of them, where somehow everything just felt complete.

Meet: Michelle & Adam

  1. Christy

    I’m OBSESSED with the vertical of her blowing snow at the camera! Gorgeous!! Love this cozy winter session! :)

  2. Emilia Jane

    Absolutely stunning all around!

  3. Susan Evans

    These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I really want to go out and shoot in the snow now!

  4. Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings}

    This is so completely sweet. I love it.

  5. Deyla Huss Photography

    I am in Love with the snow!! I REALLY love the one where she is blowing the snow!! GORG!

  6. Nancy Mitchell

    I am in love with them all! Way to capture the spirit of winter love!

  7. Keaton

    Love this one! The hot cocoa picnic is a new favorite. :)

  8. Polly Scott

    Love these photos, even down to her pink cheeks. Nice when snow photos can still be warm and welcoming.

  9. Sydni Jackson

    love the sweaters + snow! and the picture of her blowing the snow away – adorable!

  10. Debbie Levesque

    All of the pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Very sweet!

  11. Ryan

    Burberry, Carhartts & Hot Chocolate. Love. It!

  12. Amanda Miller

    So cute! I love the idea of a hot chocolate picnic of sorts in the snow! Cute cute cute!

  13. Abby Grace

    I really love the simplicity and romanticism of this shoot :). And the fact that she’s wearing white. And the hot chocolate thermos. And everything. Gorgeous!

  14. Leeann Marie

    Oh the blowing snow photo is just *dreamy*!

  15. Girish

    Beautiful. Good to see more photographs from your in the new year. As always great photos, inspiring work and a big kudos to both of them for getting out in the cold.

  16. rich

    so much love in this session! love the snow and the feel of all the images!

  17. Brian Sullivan

    What a great winter session!

  18. Cathy Crawley

    I love this session, the snow is so pure and beautiful. I adore the shot of her blowing the snow, so pretty. Hope you guys are enjoying Mexico right now, I bet it’s a big difference from this shoot!

  19. Alyssa Schroeder

    Oh my.. these are so sweet.

  20. Allison

    beautiful as always – love the snow pictures!

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