August 21, 2009

Meet: Rachel & Terry (Part II)

After the stadium and a quick outfit change, we hit up the rest of the WVU campus and ended up in a random corn field. You know…as ya do!!

Rachel & Terry have a tradition of him buying her Tiffany jewelry for all their big occassions. I told Justin WE need a tradition like that!! :)

Rachel & Terry, we LOVE you guys! And can’t WAIT to see you and all your peacock feather fabulousness in just a few weeks!! (**P.S: T minus 15 days and counting until we BRING ON THE MOUNTAINEERS!!!!)

  1. Gina Meola

    GORGEOUS set!!

  2. Ray

    I love photo # 16. It’s really nice. And what an AWESOME tradition Rachel & Terry have!! I’m jealous (I hope I find a guy like that! Hehe)! You guys have the most kick-ass clients. A days work must never be boring for you. ;o)

  3. Feuza

    I need that tradition as well! with my hubbie, he will be like, what is tiffanys? love that piano shot and the fields wow

  4. Nicole Glenn

    Sigh…these are beautiful! Love the reflection on the table and the shoots in the grass. :)

  5. jamie delaine

    That reflection shot: gorgeous.

  6. Lesley

    Tiffany?! Seriously?!! …what beautiful photos!

  7. Rachel

    Both of these entries for Rachel & Terry are awesome! Love them!!!

  8. Jeanette

    What a gorgeous couple! Love that green dress too :)

  9. Kevin

    That last shot is great!

  10. Dennis Bullock

    More super fantasticness! :)

  11. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    These are so sweet!

  12. Yuka photo art

    I love this greeny session! beautiful light!

  13. Robin Dini

    I LOVE the shot with the reflection in the table. beautiful. The black and white treatments are awesome. I really like how soft and sharp they are. Lovin’ that close up in the field. I’m such a fan of that tall grass!

  14. rachel darley

    lovely, lovely, lovely sunshine and love =)

  15. Jessica Fike

    AWESOME pictures! GO Mountaineers!!!

  16. Cheryl Cronin

    These are GORGEOUS!!! absolutely stunning :)

  17. Stephen Mick

    What a great shots and shoot! I especially like how this set has nothing to do with the Mountaineers.

  18. Concerned Citizen

    Um…beautiful pics, but that young man needs to remove his hand from that girl’s bottom: they ain’t married yet :)

  19. Shannon Huff

    Rachel these pictures are amazing! Congratulations!

  20. Elvir aAlbert

    Beautiful pictures…congratulations!

  21. Suzanne Woodings

    Beautiful pics. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous future.

  22. Leah

    Beautiful pictures!

  23. Beth Hughes


  24. adam

    very nice pictures terry

  25. Maggie West


  26. Ashley Robertson

    These are beautiful pictures!!!

  27. havaleh

    how beautiful! i’m so happy for you!!!

  28. Trista Chaney

    Amazing pictures! If the whole law thing doesn’t work have bright futures as models!! :)

  29. Matthew Sebastian

    How sweet.

  30. Karen


  31. Lesli

    Absolutely AMAZING. The pictures are beautiful and so sweet.

  32. Valerie

    Beautiful! Like Holly and Fred…

  33. Nina Nolfi

    I love the pics of Rachel and Terry at the WVU stadium. They look like they could be in a brochure for the university. Classic all American Couple!

  34. julie

    Incredible pictures. Can’t wait to see the entire collection.

  35. Ashley

    Beautiful pictures!

  36. Erica

    SOOOOOOOOO pretty. Mary and Justin- can’t wait to see you guys at the wedding!
    Rachel and Terry- Can’t wait to see you guys next weekend at the game!!!!! WOO HOO!

  37. natt

    wow…fricken gorgeous!

  38. Andrea Berg

    Beautiful pics! And I love Rachel’s dress!!

  39. LJ


  40. Michael M.

    Congrats; these are some very nice pics, looks like a Tiffany&Co. ad or j.crew

  41. Matt Adkins

    You guys look great. The pics are awesome!

  42. Bethany Murphy

    HELLO FABULOUS LIGHT! Loving these :)

  43. Jamie

    Lovely sets!

  44. Meghan

    How beautiful! You can really see how much they love each other

  45. Amanda

    Now we know why you two are the perfect photography team!

  46. Linda

    A beautiful beginning….to a beautiful life – together.

  47. Nicole

    What great photos! Very sexy! :)

  48. Pam

    Very pretty! Only Rachel could make heals work in a corn field :)

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