October 17, 2008

Meet: Rebecca & Dan

Meet: Rebecca & Dan

A little while back (ok, maybe a LONG while back…we’re a bit backed up on blogging to say the least!) we got together with Rebecca & Dan to hang out for some wine & cheese and for a fun quick engagement shoot at the beach. As soon as we pulled up, we knew we were in for something pretty amazing. Above us was one of the most dramatic skies that I have ever seen and it soon turned into one of the most vibrant, beautiful sunsets ever. No seriously, like ever…as in, in the history of the world! I guess these two just bring that kinda stuff out!

Rebecca & Dan, we can’t wait to hang out with you guys again! Dinner is on us!

a lil’ fun with textures!

how awesome is this moment?? all tender n’ such! dang!

I LOVE how they look at each other!

yea…this was the sky!

and then the sunset started…check out that fiery light on their faces!


  1. Eric Foley

    That 2nd to last one is beautiful!

  2. Kathleen Trenske

    That is an awesome sky! Love the pink and purple reflection on the water.

  3. Jacob Bergmeier

    The shot of her looking up at him is great… you can really see her love for him in that shot.

  4. robert Norman

    holy mackerel—that sky really IS something!

  5. Rebecca Briggs

    Wow! You guys rock! I absolutely love them. Thanks so much!

  6. Erik Maziarz

    the colors are off the hook!

  7. laura stetser

    Mary, these are gorgeous!! I LOVE that antique (ish or whatever you’d call it) processing! Beautiful!

  8. Melissa

    These are gorgeous!! LOVE the sky!

  9. Michelle

    WOW! Look at the sky!? I love the PP on these!

  10. Payal Trivedi

    Rebecca and Dan. What can I say. You guys look so amazing together. It’s like I can touch your hair in the picture! I love the one with you guys laughing when you’re kissing!! CANT WAIT FOR THE WEDDING!!!!!

  11. Judy

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful, loving couple!!!!!!

  12. Michelle Bellucci

    I love your pictures, they came out beautiful! I’m sending this link to Kelly for her wedding!

  13. Jasmine Marie

    Thanks for the comment!

    The colors in these last couple ones are AMAZING! :)

  14. Lauren

    Wow. Just wow. The colors in that sunset are AMAZING! I wish we had sunsets like that more often in Atlanta. Usually we just get weak oranges and yellows!

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