September 15, 2009

Meet: Renata & Spence

OOOOH we are CRANKIN’ em out now!!! Check out all the fun we had with Renata & Spence at their travel themed Get to Know You Shoot down in D.C!! Their wedding is approaching quickly and we can’t wait to hang out with them again? Think we can get Renata to wear those saucy stockings then too?? :)

PS: and TOTALLY off subject, but can we just TALK about how crazy Kanye is and how mad I am that he messed up my girl Taylor’s big moment??? Seriously, what is that guy’s problem??

  1. Dennis Bullock

    What a super cool session guys!

  2. Heather Corporan

    LOVE her hat and how it compliments all the awesome textures in the train station! Great shots!

  3. Jackie L.

    I love their look!! Great photos!

  4. Brandi

    omg.. what an AMAZING COUPLE. Their wedding is going to be bad ass. That first outfit with the hat.. omg, I could cry I love it so much!!

  5. Casey Figlewicz

    Man your guys Black and White photos are amazing! Can I get some info on what you are doing in you post production to make them so amazing. Software? Plug-ins? Keep Rocking it and I hope to see you in Long Beach, Ca soon!

  6. Cathy Crawley

    Oh how lovely! I adore the travel shots! Beautiful work guys :)

  7. Erica Velasco

    Love the vintage!

  8. Traci Romano

    Love how you captured their personalities. They look AWESOME!

  9. Megan Case

    Unreal setting guys……fantastic images.

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