July 10, 2009

Meet: Ronnie & Scott

Meet: Ronnie & Scott

These two are getting married tomorrow in Greenwich at the Burning Tree Country Club. And in honor of their Greenwich wedding, we met up with them recently at the club to do a vintage tennis themed shoot, complete with real wooden racquets! Ronnie & Scott totally represented with their outfits and brought it old school style. (It. It’s just what you bring!!)

Ronnie & Scott, we are SO excited to see you guys tomorrow!! You two rock our world! Ummmm…old school style.

  1. Betsy Jo

    Whoa. I love these. GORgeous.

  2. angela

    These are DIVINE! I especially like the black and white ones! SUCCESS

  3. Belinda

    I live in Perth, Western Australia (the most remote capital city in the world!) and I have never seen anywhere so GREEN before (we’ve kinda got the whole sandy beach, brown thing going on here). Those last few shots… the colour is just amazing!! Their white outfits contrasting against all that green is gorgeous. Sigh

  4. Alice

    Wow! Love these shots… especially the fun play you did with the tennis racket! You guys are rocking it hard this season : )

  5. twilight at morningside

    Just picture perfect! You can’t get much more old-school Greenwich than vintage tennis!

  6. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    I am soooooo swooning! These are… wow! And she couldn’t be any prettier. I just don’t think it’s possible! Love the theme, too! Can’t wait to see their wedding pics!

  7. Ray

    Love the photos of Ronnie & Scott kissing behind the racket and Scott’s hat. ;o)

  8. Dawn Davis

    I absolutely LOVE Ronnie’s smile! There is just something about it that makes me smile too. Great photos you guys! ~ Dawn

  9. Vanessa Millecam

    I so want to live like this…magical! I love how you captured not only them, but a time period. Beautiful!

  10. Bett

    wonderfully captured

    Le sigh I love you guys.

  11. jen berry

    ridiculously creative

  12. Jeanette

    What a stunning idea! Love the last B&W one

  13. Liz Ness

    Oh, I just had to comment! This is such a great idea — love the photos. You know, I still have a wooden racket, too (can’t part with it). Sometimes, I favor it over the new one! What a great looking couple, an awesome shoot, and joy-filled photos!

  14. Andi Walpurgis

    I LOVE THE HAT….very nice guys….

  15. Alyssa Jul

    WOW! I feel like I was taken back in time, these are so romatic and have such a wonderfully vintage feel.

  16. Dan Speicher

    These are awesome! Makes me wish that there really was a Great Gatsby movie being made (just finished Entourage season opener) lol. Awesome work

  17. Deyla Huss Photography

    Love these you guys! Awesome job, this shoot has a vintage and classic feel :)

  18. Lora Carr

    Fantabulous! Love the "bradpittesque" shot with hat in front of the french doors. Sweet.

  19. Amanda

    Oh my goodness, those 2 are model-rific! Where do you find these people?! ;) The themes are so fun, but not overpowering, love it!

  20. jeramy

    great shots. this is so connecticut

  21. imthiaz houseman

    what a cute couple…love the last photo.

  22. Audrey

    what a fun idea! my husband and I play tennis and this would have been so great for our engagement session… assuming i could convince him to dress all in white. :P

  23. Kayla

    So cute! Love this!

  24. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    anyone else think Ronnie could be a younger version of Brad Pitt?

  25. MattDJ

    He looks like a young Brad Pitt! Awesome session you guys. Stunning images as always.

  26. Megan

    From beginning until now, you remain one of my absolute favorite couples – and I know I was there from one of the first meetings!!! Congratulations, I know it will be a lasting love!!!

  27. Katrin

    wow these pics are soo cool i like all of them…wow very nice what a great couple hope u had the time of ur lives:)

  28. Jessie

    awww…the pics are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the wedding day pics!

  29. Michele

    Absolutely beautiful! Your love and happiness are captured perfectly! Can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  30. Melanie Feurey

    Wow, these are beautiful. Congrats. Sorry Matt and I could not be there.

  31. ingrid Caffrey

    photos are beautiful…of course
    the subjects are too…

  32. Johnna Yeskey

    Great Photos. Love the color and black and white.

  33. Jocelyn Caffrey

    Loved the pictures! You make a stunning couple!

  34. Kirsten Kellogg

    These are amazing!! I love this style of photography and you guys look like such models! Well done.

  35. chunhuali

    I love these pictures. the style looks really classical,the datails are remarkable,the couple looks very fresh and warm,really touch my heart.

  36. Janet Kelly

    Love thephotos, can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Just one look and one can see how much in love you two are. Congratulatons to you both !!!

  37. Betsy

    The photos are amazing and you both look SO happy! I especially liked the B&W ones … the shot of of the two of you together against the wall in particular.

  38. Sally O'Brien

    So classic! So Lauren. SO difficult to select favorites but Love the embrace photos on the tennis court. Original, and you can feel the depth of feeling Ronnie and Scott have for each other

  39. ingrid auerbach

    Such great pictures ! The setting and the outfits are beautiful and Ronnie and Scott look so happy and handsome !
    Congratulations !

  40. Debbie

    Your pictures are AWESOME! You guys look very country clubesque. These are very well taken photos and I love all the different kinds of pictures!!!

  41. Cosgrove

    Pictures were super! Very creative!

  42. Lindan

    Great shots – love the hat!

  43. Paul Dionne

    Awe, how cute. Looks like something straight out of a magazine.

  44. Catherine Rhodes

    That first image is absolutely stunning! Amazing work!

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