March 8, 2014

Meet: Sara & Mike

Happy Monday friends!!

Today we’re going to kick your week off right with the absolutely adorable Sara & Mike! We got to meet up with these guys for a mentoring session while we were out at United. And since they never really had wedding pictures, they decided to use their mini-headshots for a couples shoot instead. From the second we started, I just fell in love with their love. I adore how comfortable they are with one another. How she makes him laugh and he brings her calm. From this line of work that we’re in, we’ve gotten really good at knowing really great love when we see it. And I can tell you that these two have it! One of my absolute favorite parts of the whole shoot was when I asked Mike (who is a pastor) to pray for Sara. The instant change in the depth of their connection was palpable. And you could feel it in the air. It made me realize even further that this thing that we do is not about walking every couple through the same 27 poses in pursuit of pretty. But to look for the real connection between two people that only they have, and that’s what makes it beautiful!


  1. Rici

    Oh you wrote so dear and beautiful about them Mary! Lovely session!
    He totally reminds me of an actor but I canĀ“t remember which ;)

  2. Katie

    Love seeing how this shoot came out! I was right behind y’all on the beach that afternoon ;) absolutely amazing connection between these two!!!

  3. Rebecca Pierce

    Love the final product! And its even more wonderful because it involves TWO of my favorite couples!!!

  4. Leon Bailey

    Beautiful how these images came out. Love your style of editing. Nothing like a beach shoot! :D

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