February 25, 2010

Meet: Sonia & Pankit


The tour is over. The tour is over and we are home. But not just any home, our brand new (circa 1880… but new to us) home. Our brand new not quite finished, but totally getting there home.

And life feels really surreal at the moment. Surreal, but nice. :) There is a lot to process before I can put either of those things- the tour being over and us being home- into words. So for now, I’m going to go a little out of order and wish you a very Happy Friday with something that was totally easy for us to process….the engagement shoot we did with the absolutely beautiful Sonia & Pankit right before we left Chicago.

These guys are getting married in just a few weeks at the incredible Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, and we will be flying right from WPPI in Vegas to be there with them. Sonia & Pankit, you guys are amazing and we had the best time hanging out with you! We can’t wait to randomly stumble upon Starbucks with you in Miami! :)

So much love,

Yea….these guys make it WAY too easy!

So it was right around here that S&P tried to convince us that they are super un-photogenic. Ummmmm I don’t THINK so!!

Our first stop was the Planetarium in Chicago, which was a super cool location!

With lots of reflections!

And a really cool dome!

Uh yea.


These two are super fashionable! LOVE the shoes!


S&P thank you for EVERYTHING!! We’ll see you in Miami. Bienviedo a Miami!!

  1. Emily

    BEAUTIFUL session!!! I just love their style.

  2. maggieb

    You guys don’t miss a beat!
    …these moments just pull me right in…savory and sensuous! What a beautiful couple.

  3. Jil

    gorgeous!… love the purple coat

  4. Dennis Bullock

    These are so great guys!

  5. Syreena B

    Gosh Lee these are great! I have my first session in the snow tomorrow and these just gave me that extra "you can do it" I needed :) Those two are GoWageous

  6. alicia Candelora

    Gosh, she is gorgeous. And I LOOOOOOVE the shoes! Any idea where they are from?

  7. Susannah

    loveloveLOVE! I love how they coordinated so beautifully yet not over the top (anyone notice the pink striped collared shirt he had underneath?) and the pictures…are beautiful as always :)

  8. Leandra

    These photos just pull you in from the bustle of the city and into their interactions. Love it! Everything is so creamy and romantic. Beautiful black and whites too. :)

  9. Emily

    Ahhhhhh-Mazing! What a beautiful couple and as usual you guys just rocked it!

  10. Cassandra

    J&M!!! I want to be you guys when I grow up! Is there a school for that?? Gahhhh.

  11. Jen May

    nice set! I can feel the chill in them, a lovely one, of course :)

  12. Julia

    Stunning! Can’t wait to see what you two have planned for Miami!!

  13. ohana photographers

    jealous of the snow!

  14. Gina Meola

    What a great couple! Gorgeous shots in the snow!!

  15. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Really beautiful! What a cute, stylish couple. And Chicago looks like a cool place. Great job as always!

  16. Amy Bennett

    Love your work! LOVE you guys! I feel like we could be best friends forever! :P

  17. Sasha

    WOW! (:

  18. Paola

    What an amazing couple! Your images are simply stunning!!

  19. Jane Caro

    I absolutely adore each and every one of these. You two are my new favorite photogs!

  20. Katelyn James

    ohhh I love them!! They have such a great model face!

  21. MelanieH

    B-A-U—tiful!! You guys rule! I am so bummed we missed you in SD
    :( BTW…I have staged a boycott of Station Sushi ! PS—I like the Notting Hill quote sneeked in there ;)

  22. Laura E.

    Can’t wait to see this one!! they look AWESOME! and you guys rock. God bless!!

  23. Carol Gaines

    You two are my photography heroes!! These are insane!!

  24. Nihar

    You guys look amazing! And I want that jacket!

  25. jcogliandro

    beautiful shoot. You guys ar egoing to love the Eden. Was there in Dec. for a wedding at has some pretty sweet light in the bar area. Enjoy!

  26. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    so …. when do we get to see photos of the new house??? i’m just itching to see!!!!!

  27. Ann

    Fabulous pictures. What a lovable couple

  28. Lisa H. Chang

    Welcome back home! I LOVE these pictures ~ And Chicago! I hope you had a great time there! Oh, and the purple jacket is just fabulous ~ my favorite pictures were the first ones w/ the snow because the colors just really shined.

  29. Stephanie Song

    I LOVE these photos!!! We love you both and can’t wait for next month! xoxo

  30. fEuza

    their outfits totally rock and miami sounds so nice right now, enough snow

  31. Priyanka Bhandari

    These are gorgeous!!!

  32. Aarti

    Love the pictures!!! You guys look as beautiful as always! The pictures truly captured the couples personality in wonderful Chicago!! Can’t wait for Miami!

  33. Neha

    These pictures are phenomenal…just like the two of you. So excited to see you both in 2 weeks!!!! love you both :)

  34. Juliana & John

    SO gorgeous! can’t wait for Miami!

  35. Emily Hymen

    These pictures are SOOOOOOOO cute. You guys make a gorgeous couple. I can’t wait for the big day!!

  36. BEN

    i’m a sucker for the reflection shots. true dat! great shots.

  37. michelle huang

    absolutely beautiful!

  38. Ray

    These are beautiful photos and a lovely couple. I love Sonia’s purple peacoat. ;o)

  39. Rachel Clayton

    Oh my goodness, you two look absolutely stunning! I almost started crying looking at all of these! You look so happy and so in love! Can’t wait for 3/13!!!

  40. Amika

    Always knew Sonia was gorgeous and these pictures prove it for everyone else! Pankit doesn’t look so bad himself… :-)

  41. andy

    that skylight reflection shot is so thought-provoking. sonia & pankit are the hottest couple you’ve photographed, by far.

  42. Becky Gupta

    Your pictures are amazing. My favorite is the one of you guys on the steps. I love your jackets.

  43. Stella Hernandez

    I love these pictures! Can’t wait to see you two!!

  44. Kate

    Sons you’re STUNNING! You guys look amazing. x

  45. Jackie

    You are such a gorgeous couple and these photos are incredible!!!!! Sooo excited to celebrate with you so soon! xoxo

  46. Stephanie Stewart

    OOOOMMMMGGGG! Love love love all of these! What a fun, gorgeous couple! Can’t wait to see their wedding!

  47. Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG

    Wow… she’s stunning! Love the shots by the window (great light!)

  48. Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG

    Wow… she’s stunning! Love the shots by the window (great light!)

  49. Amrita Singh

    All the pics are amazing!! My fav is the first of the ones on the steps!

  50. Onkar

    Great photos

  51. Kare

    What a gorgeous couple!! Great shots, too! :-)

  52. ajira

    Hot indeed!! Raaaaaar!!!!!

  53. sarah bray

    gorgeous! you captured them so sweetly :-) love her purple coat too!

  54. RShah

    great pictures!

  55. Lydia

    Love the "super fashionable" picture!

  56. cassandra-m

    All theses photos are gorgeous and I have to say how much I LOVE her coat…ha ha.

  57. Brin

    The photos are beautiful! Can’t wait for next week in Miami! xoxo

  58. Priscilla P

    Wonderful photos, guys!! Love the ambiance of them. Enjoy FL!

  59. Rachel Siegel

    You both look AMAZING!!!! What a stunning couple! Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to celebrate with you at the wedding!

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