April 20, 2009

Meet: The Apprentice :)

So, you long time blog readers just might remember Julia of “Julia & Mike” looking like this from their crazy gorgeous wedding HERE. Seriously, how stunning is she?!

And SINCE it just so happens that their crazy gorgeous wedding is also being featured on the main page of Style Me Pretty today….. (which we are so excited about!! Thank you SO much Eddye….you’re the BEST!! Seriously, ever.)

…we thought it would be the perfect time to finally unveil that, just like Bruce Wayne and Batman, Julia and “The Apprentice” are in fact one and the same! Only now, she’s burning it up BEHIND the camera, as well as in front. Check out her stealthy moves!!

We are so excited to announce that we have officially hired Julia as our full time second shooter, so she will be with us at almost every single wedding this year. Rockin’ out shots and keeping us sane. I don’t think there could be a better fit for us. We love you Julia!

So could you all help a girl out in giving Julia a great big bear hug warm welcome to the blog? We would REALLY appreciate it! :) :)

  1. Dawn B

    Congrats Julia! What a awesome job you have….I’m sure it will be SWEET! It’s got to be very cool getting to work with Justin & Mary. I’ve never met them, but been a blog stalker for quite awhile.

  2. Molly

    I second Dawn! I know Julia’s so excited to work with Justin & Mary … I am also obsessed with this blog thanks to Julia & Mike’s engagement/wedding photos. Can’t wait to see all of her awesomeness!!!!

  3. Yuka photo art

    Congratulations guys! This is soo cool to have one more talent in your team! Good luck in new season!

  4. Val McCormick

    Yey, Congrats on being featured and here is a BIG ~HUG~ for you Julia! I’ve heard a lot nice things about you; how exciting for Justin and Mary, Wooo Hoooo :-)

  5. Amanda

    Woohooooo Julia!!!!

    And wooohoooo Justin and Mary. =)

    AND my apologies for this crazy Monday randomness I am throwing at you…but did I miss the cans for comment post? I thought that was coolest idea ever, and yes I know it was months upon months ago, hence the Monday randomness. ;)

  6. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Congrats! Exciting news… for ALL of you! What a great team you’re putting together! : )

  7. Erica Velasco


  8. Shannon

    Congrats Julia!!!

  9. Derek

    Congratulations! Good luck, and I hope you keep up! =)

  10. Simone

    Congrats Julia!! I’m sure you going to have an amazing experience working with Justin and Mary!

  11. Betsy Jo

    What a great opportunity! Congratulations, Julia!

  12. elizabeth


  13. rachel darley

    Congrats Julia! Rock out with your lens out! Im going to be looking forward to this new wedding season! I wish you all the best of luck!!

  14. Ruby Slippers

    Welcome Julia, you lucky girl!

  15. Jackie L.

    Work it girlfriend! :)

  16. Jeanette

    And she’s gorgeous!!
    Love the magazine article, well done!

  17. Ray

    Welcome to the blog Julia (what a great job she has)! =o)

  18. The Apprentice ;)

    This is so awesome I might just burst with excitement!! Thank you all for the well wishes and thank you Mary and Justin for the opportunity! What a GREAT Monday!!!

  19. Zach & Jody Gray

    Awesome! So much fun ahead!

  20. Feuza

    Julia, you lucky dog you! lol
    Congrats- what an honor huh!

  21. Kayla

    Congratulations! I loved the images!

  22. Robert J. Trenske

    Congratulations on being featured, we really loved the images from the wedding, especially the one in the car. Awesome job guys!!

  23. Whitney Gray

    Congratulations Julia! You must be very excited! Just think how much you are going to learn!

  24. Vicki Souza

    Yay! Congratulations! Loving the images, and can’t wait to see more.

  25. Deyla Huss

    Fabulous!! Congrats!!! sooo exciting! Welcome to the posse Julia!

  26. Last Forty Percent

    Congrats and welcome!!

  27. Holli True

    Congratulations!! How exciting for all of you! Julia, you’ll be a fabulous addition to this already amazing team!! :)

  28. Jennifer Lamy

    Congrats! Looks like an unstoppable team!!!

  29. Jeff Cleveland

    Welcome, Julia! I’m a new reader of the blog but love what I see so far. I’ll be looking forward to some of your stuff too!

  30. Katelyn

    So exciting! congrats on the new team member!

  31. Alice

    That first image with the blue background is one of the prettiest bridal portraits I’ve seen… just gorgeous!

  32. Eileen Broderick

    Yeah! How exciting for you all! Welcome, Julia. Love the shots from your wedding…I am sure you are going to have an amazing time working with J & M.

  33. Erik Maziarz

    congratulations Julia! it was a pleasure meeting and working with you. J&M are lucky to have you!

  34. Andrea

    Gorgeous photos. It is difficult to choose a favorite, but I like the attitude in the "bust a move" photos. The photo of "Grandma" truly refelcts happiness and love!

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