December 20, 2010

Meet: The Hany Family

And now for those of you in the evening crowd, Meet: Our Dreamboard Giveaway winner….Ms Betsy Jo Hany and her super cute, super stylish family!


  1. Aubrey

    J&M…I know this isn’t something you do all the time, but maybe you should think about it. I am in love with this family and I’m pretty sure it’s because they themselves are so in love and you were able to capture that. I’m sure they will cherish this forever.

  2. Jil

    oooh … ive been waiting to see these and they turned out beautifully!!! congrats again to Betsy Jo – so well deserved :o)

  3. Dennis Bullock

    These are so great guys!

  4. Betsy Jo

    Justin, Mary, and Julia- we are so happy and overwhelmed with these beautiful photos. I can’t stop smiling- I keep looking at Joel, Connor and Nora and am so impressed with how you captured them- all the little expressions and interactions that make us who we are. The photos of Paul and I make my heart full. This gift is priceless. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us create a wonderful memory during a difficult time. We are so appreciative. (I’ll shush now- but I can’t sleep, I’m so happy! :) Oh, fine, one more thing- you seriously made our Christmas!

  5. {15:51} photography

    This is seriously the cutest {and best dressed!} family ever! I love these images!

  6. Girish

    Nice photographs. All of them. Smart kids and lovely parents. Overall are very very good family shoot. Each and every person is covered well + overall family shots is done nicely.

  7. Alison

    Betty Jo, your comments made me smile. What a gorgeous family and what an amazing gift. These are beautiful. I am totally in love with the imaginary baseball game and the family shots in the field. Beautiful!

  8. Kayla

    oh my goodness, these are the most beautiful pictures…mainly because its the most beautiful family I know. This family deserves these photos more than anyone else, and I know they will cherish these forever. You guys captured all the love this family shares, and made me well up with tears and joy. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. Debbie

    Such a cute family!! LOVE the imaginary baseball game shots!

  10. Caitlin

    Such beautiful photos of such a beautiful family…so happy for Betsy Jo. I feel like so many of us grow up with only rough candid snapshots of our family, what a wonderful gift to have these.

  11. Alicia Kleppinger

    What beautiful kids! And photos!

  12. Sarah

    Love the pics!!

  13. feuza

    tears of joy, beautiful and wishing Betsy and her family a great holiday and a wonderful healthy new year. May I saw that I will totally copy the boys outfits, love it

  14. Jen

    What a beautiful family. Love that last one.

  15. Jess M.

    beautiful capture. These make me smile so much. Yay!!

  16. Nancy Tomczak

    Wow! Those are super great shots of a very cute family!

  17. Nichole

    I really love this shoot. It just warms my heart.

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