September 24, 2008

Meet the Marantzes

He picks up our new Crate & Barrel Rococo stripe dish towel and snaps it lovingly in the general direction of my backside. My posterior. Derriere if you prefer.

“You wash, and I’ll dry.”

For us, this one simple statement has become much less about a division of labor and more like a mantra for life. He’s the rock in our marriage, but he never forgets that rock would be nothing without the roll. And I’m that high wire tight rope walker, who always remembers how lucky she is to have him as her soft place to land. I’m up and I’m down and everywhere in between and he just stays the course, steadily pushing us, moving us further along the journey. He may be dirty dishes and kitchen cabinet doors standing wide open, but I’m three day old glasses of milk on the nightstand.

And for us, it just works. Because at the end of the day, we know we’ll fix it all. Together. We’re better together. We’re stronger together. And together we know we can always count on…

“You wash, and I’ll dry.”

a photographer promo // meet justin + mary from stillmotion on Vimeo.


Justin & Mary are internationally traveled destination photographers, who call New England home. Justin is a 2003 graduate of the highly-acclaimed Rochester Institute of Technology, and Mary is a 2006 graduate of the Yale Law School. For more information on having them there to share with you on your day, please contact them through the “info box” section located at the top of the page. = have camera, will travel =

  1. Gina Leigh

    The two of you are way too cute!! Love the video…makes me feel all happy inside.

    Gina Leigh

  2. Armin

    Cool video, looks great in HD =)

  3. Joshua K

    Awesome !

  4. Amanda T.

    Hi Mary! Thanks so much for your comment! You made my day/week/possibly year! (We will see how the next several months go!) :)
    Your website is amazing! You are now on my favorites list. Can’t wait to see more from you and Justin.

  5. Shannon Post

    Great Video! I absolutely love your blog design! I haven’t seen anything like it and the blue is just my fave!

  6. elizabeth

    Love your site.. you guys are awesome your work is amazing.. nice to meet you.. I will be back to check out more of your work for sure

  7. john waire

    great site. awesome work! thanks so much for stopping by my blog…which pales in comparison. oye! i can only dream of a black starbuck’s card :)


  8. Maria Brito


  9. Amanda

    Mary! I just wanted to stop by and say THANKS for visiting my blog and commenting. =) I love comments and I love new visitors…it is how I know it’s not just the grandparents silently checking in on Bug from a distance. ;)

    Adding you to blogs I follow, LOVE your pictures! I keep telling myself no new photographer blogs…and then I came here and couldn’t stop myself.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Hagen

    Your blog looks bluetastic! Your "Stuff We Love" page rocks and is very unique!

  11. Lisa Llarena

    Hi, Mary! This video is AWESOME. You guys look like you’re having so much fun.

  12. kelli

    super cool video! my hubby graduated law school in 06 too…but here in california. cute outfits you guys are wearing too!

  13. Julie Ann

    Just had to say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Your blog is amazing and your photography is bee-yoo-tee-ful! I hope I can get to your caliber someday! :)

  14. Christina

    "He may be dirty dishes and kitchen cabinet doors standing wide open, but I’m three day old glasses of milk on the nightstand." I SO love that!! That is my husband and I to a tee!!! Ha, so much so you reminded me of my vice with the glasses..guess I should back off the dirty clothes issue…how crazy! Ha!

  15. Tara Swain

    OMG! The little walk by high five thing at the beginning KILLS me. That is AWWEESSOME!!!! :)

  16. Christopher Semmes

    Love Love Love the Videos. You all just Rock!! Want to see more in 2009.
    Thanks for show and tell.

  17. Maria

    Wow! You two seem like an AMAZING couple! I can easily the the root of your success in the way you guys get along!

    Ahh, Love! <3

  18. craig j stodola

    OMG, I’ve never seen this video. The high five at the 20-second mark had me spit-up water on my keyboard. LOL. :)

  19. Johnny Tran

    Wicked promo video!! I love it!

  20. Bree

    The very best of luck to you both. You look like an amazing couple – both as artists and people. I am in LOVE with your video! :)

  21. Katelyn

    OMG! YOu guys are too cute.. and fabulous. I can’t believe you I got a comment from you on MY blog! sh0uld be the other way around.. keep up the great work.. another blog to add to my feed ;)

  22. Shannon

    I. Love. This. Video….

  23. Amanda

    LOVE your guys’ work!!

  24. Melisa

    I love your about me section so creative! You two sound PERFECT together! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog.

  25. Lukas VanDyke

    Awesome! Love the video! You guys look great together! Love the description of you two as well! =)

  26. Annabel

    I am in love with you two, and your website, and all your work! How absolutely fabulous!
    Much love from the North East of England, UK

  27. Tammie Gilchrist

    Justin & Mary – What a wonderful workshop you put on in SF! Thank you so much for sharing, not only your savvy business approaches and style but your heart as well. You two are real and I came away with way more than I thought I would – I would drive 10 hours for the next one.
    Your friend from Fort Bragg, CA Tammie Gilchrist

  28. Paola

    Wow!! You guys totally ROCK (& roll… a-hem)! So thrilled you stopped by our blog to leave some love!! Thanks and keep on rockin’ and a rollin’. Truly inspirational to us newbies!!

  29. Justin Munroe

    I read the article about you two in the PPA Mag and had to check out your site. Definitely lived up to the hype and I love the personal feel of everything you have going here. The favorite stuff section is awesome… well, everything but the Giants helmet :) Keep up the good work.

  30. Emily

    Great blog, great vision, great, great, great!!!! OK, so when are you coming to Oregon??? I look forward to it! I think you guys might just rock!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Emily

    Ok, it is official. I am so impressed and you totally rock! Thank you for giving me another place to find inspiration. (oregon, oregon… oregon–that is subliminal just in case you didn’t get it.)

  32. MM

    @Emily: oh you are awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  33. Brittani

    Heyy!! Thanks for stopping by my site.

    I love your site!! This video was super awesome.
    You have amazing photographic skills!! =)

    Are you guys from Chicago??
    You should let me know if you guys have another workshop!! I live like 4 hours away! =)

  34. angel pope

    Your explanation of yourself (Mary) couldn’t have put "me" better in words if I’d tried!!! I’m up and down and all over the place. :-)

  35. Justin

    Thanks for your comment. Your work is fabulous!

  36. Denise

    Thanks for the comment :) Love your site! You do great work.

  37. dont smile now

    but you’re pretty cool NOW!

  38. Felicia Gwen

    Thanks for your kind comment! Your blog is AWESOME!!!

  39. Tricia

    I love your site, your images and your explosive personality!! Aiming for any workshops in the upper Midwest any time soon…?! ;-)

  40. ebphoto | photographe mariage Bruxelles

    Awesome video. Your work is truely inspiring. Greetings from Belgium, Europe.

  41. Marie Gross

    Well, aren’t you two just too cute for words! I love this video. I think I might watch it again! :)

  42. Annette

    You found your heart, your place, your love. You no longer need to ask "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Congratulations!

  43. Wendy Sutherland

    You are both doing what you love and it shows! Awesome pictures…..Everytime I go to another page…I’m just at a loss for words. A friend of Steve Slatton’s mom back in NJ. The two of you are great together and awesome at what you do…..

  44. Tracy

    Aw, I love this! What a neat video!

  45. Scott Sjostrom

    We are inspired by this video! What a fantastic piece of art.

  46. Tanya Petraglia

    Oh Mary… This made me cry.. with love..

  47. Natalie

    Absolutely lovely video, so heartfelt and wonderful!

  48. Elizabeth Dahl

    This is so sweet. I just love it!

  49. Monica Lakes Ouziel

    Thanks for reminding me loving means staying on the rollercoaster! 26 years together and finding a way for those butterflies to fly again in my life! I CAN BECAUSE I WANT TO! I AM AWESOME BECAUSE OF HIM AND HE IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE OF ME!

  50. Emma Sharkey

    Incredible! I want to marry you both, when can I move in :) LOL

  51. Aliy

    I love your promo. :) and your dog is beautiful.

  52. Drew Partridge

    You are both wonderful! Many thanks from the entire Sperry Team. We sincerely appreciate all of the incredible images that you have shared with us.

    Have a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year.

  53. Terra

    My heart began to melt immediately as I began to scroll down the page glancing and then looking at every detail of your photos. What a beautiful story you two have. I honestly cried just at the simplicity of your love in this little video of yours. Loved it :)

  54. Maggie

    This video is beautiful. I don’t think I can even put into words how I feel. You are an incredible and inspiring couple. I could only dream to ever love or be loved like this….so, thank you for sharing.

  55. Victor Sizemore

    Amazingly written and shot! Very inspiring…

  56. Lynne Powers

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this promo piece! what an inspiration to all!!! so glad i had the chance to meet you two- i will continue to follow your work! thanks!

  57. Rosalind Bordo

    In an industry that has beaten every cliche to death, you guys stand out with authenticity and heart. Your video grabbed me from the start and made me cheer by the end. Thank you so much for sharing your love with each other and all of us. It’s a privilege to know you both!

  58. Stephanie Bachle

    Seriously? Who couldn’t help falling in love with the both of you!

  59. Stephanie

    Breathtaking and beautiful!

  60. Susan Wacht

    Mary & Justin – Thank you once again for the beautiful and heartfelt words you spoke at the CTPPA Convention at the beginning on March. I love this video. Your words and love for each other speak to me so deeply. Thank you for allowing me to use some of your loving thoughts in my wedding vows when I marry the love of my life in Kau’ai on May 23rd. God Bless!

  61. ljp los angeles

    amazing, creative, and inspirational… i love this video (and I’m very far from the emotional type :)

  62. amanda

    wow. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just get goosebumps and my eyes didn’t just swell up watching this very moving intro. brilliant work. i LOVE (it).

  63. Shefali Lindsey

    This video absolutely melted my husband and I’s hearts! Justin reminds me of my Bryan. Lucky gals we are, no?! :)

  64. Kristi Chappell

    Beautiful! Love it! Thanks for stopping by my site as well! Nice to get know you two a little!

  65. Stephanie Stewart

    How I never watched this video before, I do not know…it is beautiful, and I’m sitting here in tears loving every second of it. It’s no wonder you capture everything the way that you do, through love’s eyes.

  66. Shannon mH Erickson

    Hi, I stopped by from Amy Zellmer’s blog radio show (listened to your interview) and I have to say that video is fantastic! Very well done! It made me think of my husband and brought tears to my eyes! :) Also, love the intimate wedding photos with the adorable pug! There is so much more to compliment on with those photos but I’m such an animal freak (and pugs specifically) that I’m fixated on the little fella! ;)

  67. Shutter D'Light, LLC

    LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it…
    and why because I do understand what it means to be" first loved."

    Beautiful J&M!

  68. elizabeth s.

    What a treat to find your website, after you made an encouraging comment on my silly, meaningless, just-for-fun blog! Thank you!
    I am inspired by your promo video, truly.
    And, I absolutely adore your photography! Lovely.

  69. Barb

    Love your site and wit! Wondering if you will be at WPPI and i I could do a short interview?

  70. Monika Greenaway

    I just saw your post on Jasmine Star’s blog and I think your story is so beautiful with your husband! I can relate to you and I thank you for sharing it, you are very inspiring!

  71. Linda Clarkson

    You two are adorable! I love your story and can totally relate! Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing your story and for the inspiration!

  72. Dianne Mariamp

    Saw the pictures of Lauren Nanna’s wedding at Stonington Vineyards on 8/26/2012. They were so artistic and unique- you two are truly artists behind the lens of a camera!!

  73. Jennifer

    I just fell in love with you both!

  74. Celine


    Your website is so amazing! Your photos are… really wonderful. You do such a great job and you do it with heart and passion, that’s epic :)

    Best wishes from Germany,

  75. Doug

    What a great promo video — really beautifully written, shot, and edited.

    Do you guys still do WALK THROUGH A WEDDING?

  76. Osbone Taylor Jr.

    I just wanted to thank you I Love your video. I get that funny feeling in my stomach when I watch it.I give my hope

  77. Norman Dickson

    Nice to find such style, grace and beauty with a fresh wonderful expression of love shared with the world in your artistry.


    I have read your about me countless times and a few times thought to myself, I wonder if that’s really them in real life? You know some people just aren’t who you have hyped them up to be in your mind. But after meeting you at the DC Lighting Intensive I feel this is all you two and then some! How you interact and glance at each other, always making sure you are side by side instead of one leading is really admirable and something to strive for in a relationship! <3

  79. Alina Thomas

    I absolutely LOVE your video!

  80. photographer Italy

    Nice to find your website! i love your works!

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