June 18, 2009

Meet the Marantz’s: Gwendolyn Tundermann

Meet: Ms. Gwen Tundermann!!

She was the winner of our Thirst Relief auction back in February right before WPPI, and she recently (ok not that recently….thank you so much for being so patient Gwen!!) made the trip up to CT to hang with us. Gwen is gentle and kind. When you talk you know she is listening with her whole heart. She has big dreams and a talent to match. Not to mention the love of a good man, Matt. And the good Lord knows, I would be nowhere without the love of my good man. So as you can imagine, I see incredible things in her future. Big, shiny, up in lights kind of things. Things that sparkle and make you hold your breath just to take it all in.

Because she deserves nothing less.

As part of her package, Gwen won a hot headshot shoot with us around town. Incidentally, she also won her very own Dwight bobble head. I’m not sure, but I think the bobble head just might have been the cooler prize! :)

  1. Christa


  2. Brianna

    You look beautiful Gwen! :)

  3. Julia

    Lovely! Pearls and an LBD…can’t beat it!!

  4. michelle Sidles

    Congratulations!! & Beautiful pictures! :)

  5. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    OMG! These are awesome! You two are so amazing!! Dwight is nodding in approval! : ) Thank you for the kind words as well! You are both so inspiring and it was an honor to spend some time with you over a delicious brunch! And to think it all happened for a good cause as well! Nothing but good things came out of this! Hopefully you’ll get to meet Matt at Partner Con! Thanks for everything and thank you everyone for the nice comments! Today is a GREAT day!

  6. Matt Tundermann

    These shots are so amazing! Gwen looks so beautiful. Thank you Justin & Mary. She absolutely raved about her time with you two! And the Dwight Bobblehead is firmly planted on her desk next to her monitor!

  7. Bett

    These are so beautiful! What I love the most is that all the words used to describe this beautiful lady came through in the photos! The 4th photos is stunning.

  8. Mom

    Beautiful pictures Gwen. My favorite is the sixth one. Made me think of Grandma for some reason.

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