June 4, 2009

Meet the Marantz’s: Lora Carr

On Tuesday, the amazing Lora Carr drove all the way up from “Joisey” (ahem New Jersey) to do a spend a day mentoring session with us. She blew into New Haven in a cyclone of hot, hip mama meets lifestyle guru meets sweet n’ sassy all rolled into one.

In a word, she rocked our world. (Oh wait, that’s four words isn’t it?)

She came to learn from us, but I would be flat out lying if I didn’t say that I think it was us who learned from her. She is a smart & savvy business woman who has her stuff together. TO-GETH-ER! And I know she is going to go out and set the children’s portrait world…and far beyond that…on fire. And we just get to be the lucky ones who say, we knew her when.

AND we are doubly lucky, because this girl came bearing gifts! And how! She knew from our “Stuff we Love” page that Justin is a HUGE Stella (STELLA!!!) and Rose’s Lime Juice fan, so she hit us up with some bottles and some custom made bottle openers that her dad actually makes.

** Grooms: he can actually customize them for your groomsmen, so be sure to hit him up if you’re still looking for a gift that’s like the POLAR opposite of lame! Seriously! :)

And if YOU are interested in “Meetin’ the Marantz’s” and spending a day with us while cover all things business, photography and life (and we also throw in some Pepe’s pizza for good measure), shoot us an email at justin@justinmarantz.com to schedule your day!!

***Also, we have a WINNER in our Choose Our Adventure contest for our summer of tv on dvd goodness. This one was a real nail biter and came down to the wire, but by a margin of 19 to 18, 30 ROCK is our winner over Lost!!!! We will be starting with season 1 and powering through, hopefully just in time for the new season this September!

Lucky for us, we’ll have this GINORMOUS box of goodies that we just got from my bff Regina Holder down in Asheville, NC to carry us through. Regina you are the bomb. Ummm…dot com.

AND now the lucky winner of up to 5 seasons of their favorite show on DVD, and the first person to vote for 30 Rock in the comments, is Miss Stacey Rampata!! Stacey, just shoot us an email with your show and we’ll get you all hooked up! wahooo!

Ok, we are out the door for real for our next shoot down in NYC. But stay tuned because on deck we have: Jenna & Joe!! And here’s just a little sneak peak of all the goodness that’s in store there!

Whew! Can you tell I’m free-basing Starbucks right about now?? :)

  1. michelle Sidles

    YAY!!! 30 Rock!!

    I watch Lost but actually have to concede that it’s pretty hard to swallow sometimes (twss!) ;)

    If you love the Office you will love 30 Rock! Happy Watching.

  2. Nora

    I still think you guys should add Arrested Development if you haven’t seen it yet :) But you’ll have a lot of fun with 30Rock!

  3. Kathleen Trenske

    Nice! We’ve been addicted to 30 Rock since it began – one of the smartest written shows on TV. P.S. Gotta love NJ! :)

  4. Ray

    I love that jumbo size popcorn gift that you got there. It reminds me of the popcorn scoop boxes that were given out in the olden days; in movie theaters and old fashioned circuses. ;o)

  5. Lora Carr

    I am blown away by your post – actually a little emotional. You guys are amazing and some day when I walk up to accept my "oscar" I will thank you both first. A million thanks :)

  6. Stacey

    OMG!!! Yay!!! I’m the winner??? This is so exciting…. You guys are going to love 30 Rock!!!!

  7. zenobia studios

    30 Rock is ADDICTIVE!

  8. Bett

    I feel outta’ the loop since the hub and I never got around to watching 30 Rock. Obviously we’re missing something. On the upside this means I get to harass the man for another DVD collection.. bwhahaha!

    Love, love the bottle openers! Will have to pass the link along to a friend who’s looking for something unique to give his groomsmen for their wedding in Jan 2010.

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