July 9, 2010

Meet: Tiffany & Charlie

Alright!! To kick your weekend off right, here’s a little Mystic themed “Get to Know You” shoot with Tiffany & Charlie. These guys live in DC but they are getting married tomorrow at the Spa at Norwich Inn, and we wanted you to meet them before the big day. I hope none of you have been eating any mint chocolate chip truffles this afternoon, because that plus how super sweet these two are just might send you into sugar shock! :) (See how witty I am. Clearly :)

Tiffany & Charlie, we can’t WAIT to hug you guys tomorrow. Have an awesome time at your rehearsal dinner!
So much love,

LOOOOOOVE these two! Like. A LOT.

You guys put the aar in Raar. But you know, not like in a piratey way. :)

See? Sweetness. Pure cane sugar sweetness.

So Tiffany & Charlie have this thing they do called the “butt dance.” Nuff said. :)

How much do you WANT those shoes? Yea, me too.

And, just in case you haven’t hit sugar shock yet….. I’ll end with these bad boys. Tiffany & Charlie brought us Geogetown Cupcakes all the way from DC! And they were SPECTACULAR!!

**Tweet. Tweet.

  1. Alicia Candelora

    OMG, how cute (and TINY!) is she!! And those shoes! And those cupcakes! I am hungry now….

  2. Jil

    oh my goodness! soooo adorable

  3. Marissa Rodriguez

    Ahhhhh those shoes!!!! LOVE! Such a gorgeous session! You guys are AMAZING!

  4. Heather Hagler

    Where did they come from? Do tell! In fact, I want the whole ensemble!

  5. Kayla

    WOW! Love the boat and the pier photos! Amazing!

  6. Tiffany

    Thank you, J&M for an amazing time! We had such fun getting to know you both – and we love these photographs! We cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!

  7. Girish

    Very very nice shots. Really enjoy watching your shoot posts. Very nice and very different each time I feel.

    Keep it up.

  8. Jensey

    Stunning work as always, guys! :)

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