August 25, 2013

Meet: Tiffany Farley

Good morning & Happy Monday!

We have been shooting like CRAZY lately (I guess ’tis the season!), with four shoots last week alone! And we can’t wait to show you guys everything, so we decided to make this week kind of a power week of photo posts to get everything up. And I can’t think of any better way to kick that off than with the headshots we did recently for the incredibly talented, not to mention gorgeous, Miss Tiffany Farley!

We first met Tiffany when she did a mentoring session with us about a year ago, and she has since become one of our closest & best friends. Tiffany is one of the most insanely gifted & talented portrait photographers I know (seriously, go follow her stuff if you aren’t already!) So when she asked us to do the new headshots for her site, we were beyond honored! We met up at a local beach, where we were blessed with the best glory light all evening long!

Before the shoot, Tiffany warned us that she “gets really awkward in front of the camera & doesn’t know what to do.” And I am here to tell you that she is a LIAR! :) This girl can work it both behind AND in front of the camera like nobody’s business. Some girls have all the luck! :)

So sit back, relax & grab a cup of coffee as you….

Meet: Tiffany Farley

  1. Urška Majer

    Gorgeous photos! She reminds me of Lily from HIMYM :)

  2. Carmen

    Tiffany is such a peach! You guys really captured her glow. xoxo

  3. Tiffany Farley

    LOVE them you guys!!!! Ahh!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Alison Mish

    These are gorgeous! Tiffany, you look stunning!

  5. Claire Pelella

    Awesome, amazing, beautiful…

  6. Emily Lapish

    HOLY AMAZINGNESS. Tiff, you gorgeous, gorgeous girl. I’m so proud to know you. And to do life together. Justin and Mary, you captured my beautiful friend PERFECTLY. Love.

  7. Rick Costa

    Great pics Tiffany! Wow! I know a supermodel!!! :)

  8. Caroline

    Wow Tiffany is absolutely stunning! Love these!

  9. Emilia Jane

    Girl! You are so beautiful.

  10. Rachel McCloud

    So beautiful:)
    Tiffany is gorgeous and I LOVE her dress and the light:)

  11. Angela Snyder

    Love the ones sitting in the sand, so naturally beautiful!

  12. Megan Decker

    Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. You are gorgeous, Tiffany!

  13. ashley barnett

    YOU ARE SO PRETTY TIFFANY!!!! GAH! :) Gorgeous inside and out – these are so, SO lovely!

  14. Karen Stott

    HOLY HOTNESS TIFFANY!!!! These are sooooo Gorgeous Mary! You guys did INCREDIBLE!

  15. sharon elizabeth

    RAWR!!!! so gorgeous!!!

  16. Spring

    I LOVE THESE!!!!! Stunning!!! Tiffany you are so crazy beautiful! XOXO

  17. Hannah Brencher

    Tiffany Farley brings all the boys to the yard…

  18. Jennifer Medeiros

    Absolutely stunning. What a beautiful soul. xo

  19. Anna B

    Radiant pictures! Love, love, love them!!!

  20. Becky

    Holy gorgeousness!

  21. Anne und Björn Stüllein

    Really beautiful images. Love your shoots.

  22. Nikki Santerre

    These are some of my favorite you guys have ever done. Tiffany, you’re a stunner, lady!

  23. Kristin

    Tiffany, you are GORGEOUS, friend!! Beautiful, beautiful portraits, J&M! Love ’em!! :)

  24. Danielle Acken

    Simply stunning as always!

  25. Jessica Chavez

    Tiffany you are beautiful!!! You guys did a great job! Stunning!!

  26. Mallory

    The lighting is just beautiful!! Love these photos!

  27. Erin Infantino

    Why must you make me get oozy, gushy over every image? This is definitely my favorite look I’ve done yet on Tiffany. Those.gorgeous.eyes and her girlish smile. XO

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