November 16, 2009

Meet: Tracie Valentino

Because her favorite color isn’t orange, it’s pantone 167.

Because shoes aren’t always on sale.

Because math is hard.

Because she’s Tracie Valentino, the genius mastermind behind Tracie Designs and she’s AWESOME!!

Meet: Tracie Valentino

We first met Tracie about three years ago when she was the creative genius behind our first website and the evolution of our many, many logos (we’ll definitely have to do a blog post about that one day!!). Simply put, she is the bomb dot com in stilettos and we are lucky to have her as a friend. So when she needed some new head shots for a brand new site she has coming out, we were happy to oblige!!

Seriously, if you are in any need whatsoever of graphic design or logo help, be sure to give her a call!! A new year is looming….kick it off right with a bright & shiny new brand!!

So since she is a graphic designer, Tracie has this pretty hilarious but not so PG13 t-shirt. And since we do like to keep it pretty PG-13….since Justin’s grandma does read the blog and all…we just, y’know, improvised!! :)

Tracie you are BEAUTIFUL!!

Look at those fabulous shoes! Tracie has a whole collection!

  1. Jim Altieri

    Small world, I think I went to school with Tracie!

  2. Tracie Valentino

    OMG you guys! These are SO awesome–just like you guys! Seriously, you are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! PS Sorry that I’ve introduced the black bar to the blog… I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or excited–I’m the J + M black bar pioneer!

  3. J&M

    @Tracie: Lol!! Black bar pioneer! You’re awesome!!

  4. Kristin & Bill

    omg I just opened your blog and got SO excited!!! I LOVE Tracie!! She designed our logo/bus. cards/website (well, future website thanks to our serious levels of procrasination… sorry t :-/) and they are beyyyond awesome. Like absolutely incredible. She ROCKS! Anyone that ever needs any graphic design at all NEEDS to contact her!! ps. she looks totally smokin in the pics :)

  5. Marissa Rodriguez

    She’s beautiful! I want her shoes! :) I would love to read/see about your evolution of logos!

  6. Ray

    I love her shoes too! ;o)

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    Wow, these are all amazing! Your B & W processing is so fab and yummy!

  8. Jackie Lamas

    hahaha love her shirt and the beautiful flare shot!

  9. steve depino

    does here shirt say what I think it says ? I happen to like helvetica by the way :) LOL

  10. Eileen Broderick

    These are incredible!! So many gorgeous shots. I honestly don’t know how she will choose!

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