January 28, 2009

Meet: True & Wesson

Meet: True & Wesson

Sarah True is the distinctive force behind True Event. Lucinda Wesson is the design dynamo that is Chocolate Creative Design. And you mix those two together with two parts sugar and an extra heaping helping of talent you get the creative powerhouse that IS… True & Wesson. We got together with these two back in November to shoot their new headshots for their forthcoming collaboration, and we’ve been waiting with bated breath for their new website to launch so that we could reveal them here for you! :) These ladies are two of the most talent women we’ve ever been lucky enough to call friends. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind…they are going to set the wedding industry on FIRE! I mean c’mon….just check out how HOT they are!!

And for all you brides out there, be sure to check out their BLOG here for a daily source of inspiration!

  1. Kristin Mizo

    Hi Mary! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. I LOVE your blog…it is gorgeous! I am adding you to my blog roll now :)

  2. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs

    Wow, I am so flattered by your compliment on my site Mary. I have to say that because yours is so outstanding! Great photo shoot. I am going to have to put you in my reader! Thanks for commenting!

  3. rachel

    I Love your images – the light is just beautiful!

  4. Kate

    Love the loading dock shots! Super cute! And the ladies just so happen to match the colors there very nicely : )

  5. lucinda

    You guys rock!!! We had sooo much fun..Thank you Thank you! Good luck next week!

  6. Nelly

    Mary! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page. I love how you have capture the vibrant yellow in her sweater!

  7. cassandra m

    Hey Mary…WOW, I love that you shot these wide open….sweeettt LIGHT! BEAUTIFUL skin tones. These girls are gorgeous and you captured them flawlessly!

  8. Pascal

    Very nice, I also find the lightning awesome!

  9. dorelies

    great photos of two great ladies, but I just asked myselfe: which one is Sahra and whisch one is Lysinda?

  10. Sarah True

    You guys are truly amazing! Thanks so much for all the kind words, we had the best time doing the shoot and are so excited with the collection of photos we have! (btw Dorelies I (sarah) am the one in the yellow! :))

  11. Christopher

    They look great. I love the clarity of the work. Just great.

  12. Anna

    Finally I get to see more of this shoot! Love their blog and love the shoot and wish I was getting married again so they could make it all happen! HELLO GORGEOUS!

  13. john waire

    wow…these really rock! anytime i see a post like this from you guys…and it’s often…i just want to run, strike that–SPRINT out and start shooting.

    great job!

  14. Geoffrey R. Boka

    WOW. gorgeous!! Just really beautiful. Nice work.

  15. Kim

    Wow!! They are beautiful.
    You did a great job!!

  16. BetsyPhoto

    I love the ‘sedate’ jumping! :) Very cool.

  17. Anne Nunn Photography

    those are great. I esp love the one of one of the women up close and the other by the window behind her. Also love the last series of shots. The yellow curb with jacket and purse is awesome!

  18. Ashley Mauro

    So Great! Were these taken in a natural light studio?
    I need to have some head shots taken for the direction I am taking my business… I might be calling you!! Keep Rockin!!

  19. Amy Clifton

    Love the door series, and all the bright eyes. And your site is beautiful! Thanks so much for the blog love today–I just posted the full post, you’ll have to check back. :-)

  20. Jenny Sun

    these are fabulous! As if they came straight out of a fashion magazine! I love the 4th image from the bottom – its so bright and yellow – awesome! :)

  21. joshua k

    Awesome! Awesome!Awesome….!
    Very nice shots :)

  22. Susan

    Very Nice Photo’s Girls.

  23. Eileen Broderick

    These are incredible! The women are both beautiful but you two have some kind of magic for always getting the best shots of people! Gorgeous.

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