March 13, 2011

Miami Botanical Gardens Wedding: Jill & Russ (Part II)

And now….Part II of Jill & Russ’s “Black Tie BBQ” wedding!! With HUGE thanks to Tamara Cohen of TC Event Design for putting together such drool inducing details at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, and Dalsimer for rockin’ out all the blooms!

Sweet tea was waiting on the guests at the end of the ceremony.

Along with a lemonade station. The straws say “From Mobile to Miami” because Russ grew up in Alabama.

LOVED this set up for the escort cards!

All the tables were set up in the Black Tie BBQ vibe & I think Tamara and crew nailed it!

The couple’s new last name is “Beck” so they gave out Beck’s BBQ sauce to each of the guests.

Cupcakes GALORE!!

Big thanks to Ashley for grabbing our closing image!

  1. Jil

    the 2nd to last image looks like a still from a movie. a classic, super romantic movie. gorgeous!! :o)

  2. Sarah Goodwin

    What an amazing venue?! The details and fashion are fabulous. The pups in the wagon are too much! Stunning photos of a stunning couple.

  3. linda @ cedarwood weddings

    Gorgeous. Love the twig arch and the cool-casual vibe. The Photos are
    killer. You guys are good. real. real. good.

  4. Suzanne Larocque

    Beautifully Captured!

  5. Clickmama

    Yummy yummy event! Gosh. Yes that is why all those things have long been consumed but the photography of you guys has preserved it for generations!!

  6. Stephanie Stewart

    Gooooorrrrrgeous! Did I mention I love her dress?! And the flowers? Way to show Miami how it’s done! Love all of these!

  7. Germaine Bolanos

    You look fabulous and the lovely details are marvelous!

  8. Kristin Nicole


  9. Girish

    Brilliant..shoot part 1 and 2. It’s always great pleasure to your posts. The details shots you take, the couple together and portraits, the angles, the reception details. Wonderful.

    One of the few things I really like is certain photographs you post in b/w, those are the ones where emotions overpower. Good choices.

  10. Vancouver wedding photographer Tamea Burd

    Just lovely! And how cute is that dog? Gorgeous photos.

  11. Stephanie Bachle

    Beautiful couple, beautiful details!!

  12. Edouard

    Absolutely stunning pictures! I loooove the tables, so beautiful! One question though, who shot the last picture? ;)

  13. MM

    @Edourd:Our second shooter for the day, Ashley!

  14. Emma - The Hens Nest

    what a beautiful beautiful wedding! Gorgeous detail shots, incredible images!

  15. erin * sparkle & hay

    gooooooooooooooooooorgeous! and those cupcakes are making me crazy craving!

  16. Kristen

    Absolutely beautiful – wow. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Natalie Fowler

    I ADORE everything about your wedding :) Gorgeous!

  18. Jamie Lipman

    Absolutely gorgeous Jilly and Russ. Best night. Amazing images.

  19. Amy Portwood

    Your mom must be so proud of you!

  20. Mailodie

    What a beautifully breath- taking wedding!

  21. Vanessa Holland

    Such a beautiful couple and fabulous photos!!!! Love you both!!

  22. Lori

    Such a beautiful wedding-everything was perfect! Photos are fantastic and captured memories for a life time.

  23. Barbara

    Beautiful! Beautiful! What a wonderful event this must have been! Congratulations and many years of happiness!

  24. Desiree Oftedal

    Im loving this decor from TC! woo! lots a beautiful touches ;)

  25. avc


  26. Laura

    These pictures are perfect! They capture the mood, feelings, atmosphere of the whole event. My favorites are of Russ and Jill dancing.

  27. KK

    Great pics!

  28. Olivia Territo

    Jill & Russ’ beautiful wedding was captured perfectly in these fantastic photographs!

  29. Nicole Mero

    AMAZING! Stunning bride and stunning photos!

  30. Lisa Hecht

    I love all the photos! What a great wedding!

  31. Beth & Wayne

    Great Pics!!! Converse Sneakers…nice touch!!

  32. Jodi

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple! What a beautiful day it must have been. So happy for the two of you!

  33. Kristin Territo

    What amazingly beautiful photos! They brought back the wonderful memories of your gorgeous wedding day!

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