March 19, 2010

Miami Wedding: Sonia & Pankit (Part I)

He lives to make her happy. Freely and frankly and fully. Talk to him for just one second and he’ll tell you what it means. To see her smile, to watch her living a life worth dreaming…he would do anything. Give anything. Because he was born to make her happy. And he intends to spend his whole life trying to do just that.

She lives to love him. Freely and frankly and fully. Listen to her talk about him for just one second and she’ll tell you what that means. To see him stand, to walk out in courage toward a life worth dreaming…she would do anything. Give anything. Because she was born to love him.

And she intends to spend her whole life… doing just that.

Married: Sonia & Pankit

Sonia & Pankit had their destination wedding in Miami on a day where the clouds literally parted, and the sapphire sky rained down her happiest blessings. When the cool teal water lay still in the sun, and a warm Floridian breeze played freeze tag with the palm trees. It was the kind of day you dream about. Want to live over and over. The kind of day you would save and put up as your computer’s wallpaper if you could. Just so you could stare at it forever and ever. Yea, it was that kind of day. Sonia & Pankit, my hope for you is that you will always live to make each other happy. To love one another more than you love yourselves. And that if life ever brings you storm clouds, you’ll always remember the blue skies and cool teal water from that day. And it will bring you right back to that place.

To the start of a life worth dreaming.

So much love,

Sonia & Pankit had their amazing destination wedding at the newly renovated Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, which was GAWH-geous!!

Yea….Sonia you are STUNNING!! Love you!

Ahhhh the shoes! Sonia had her shoes hand painted to match her sari. I’m SORRY, but it doesn’t get any better than that! :) :)

The jewelry was exquisite.

Ummmm yea….it’s real! An incredibly generous gift to Sonia from Pankit’s parents!!

A HUGE thanks to Gloria Pelas & crew for rocking out Sonia’s hair & makeup!!

Pankit, you were looking pretty sharp yourself!!

Big Sister Pam hard at work.


Then it was time to head down to meet Pankit for the first look. We love to build up a lil’ anticipation!

Here we go!!

Almost there….

Love it!!

Now it’s time for some fun portraits of just the two of them. The Eden Roc offered a ton of amazing backdrops.

What a BEAUTIFUL couple, right?!?!

Stay tuned for MUCH more coming your way from Sonia & Pankit’s amazing Miami wedding!!

  1. Terra Dawn

    LOVE it!!! Oh the colors!!! *sigh*

  2. Isabel

    AHHH.MAY.ZING!! I am in love with the jewels and the colors. Almost made me miss Miami…my hometown :) Almost.

  3. Carrie McCluskey

    Beautiful colors and details! I love the first sight shots too.

  4. sarah

    wow. look at that henna. look at that dress! look at that jewellery! what a fun wedding that must have been!

  5. Alice

    These two are so gorgeous, and I love their unique style of mixing their traditional heritage with a modern flair! Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Anna Kim

    These are just stunning! I love the colors and all the beautiful details. Great photos!

  7. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    What FLAWLESS makeup! Really lovely couple!


    Gorgeous! Love the details on her dress and jewelry!

  9. Dennis Bullock

    Amazing work guys!

  10. Melody

    Wow! what a beautiful couple! Her dress was amazing!!! and he hena…sooo cool! You guys rock…and are my "to blog stalk" list :)

  11. {15:51} photography

    Ummm…yeah…"stunning" doesn’t even remotely begin to do these pictures justice!

  12. Elisabeth Carol

    Umm ok this wedding is gorgeous!! I am loving the first look pics!

  13. TracyWB

    Amaaaaazing dress! They both look stunning as does your photography. Can’t wait to see more.

  14. Whitney Gray

    WOW! That’s all I need to say. :)

  15. Ashley Bartoletti

    wow what an amazingly gorgeous wedding!! well done!

  16. Nicole Benitez

    J&M These are breathtaking!! Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. oxox

  17. Ray

    Beautiful photos from the getting ready down to the first look. I especially love the last one and the one of Sonia & Pankit on the chairs at Eden Roc Hotel (that photo should be in a magazine). Sonia’s gift from her in-laws is absolutely gorgeous! WOW! Can’t wait to see more.

  18. Vanessa

    These are gorgeous! I love the shoes!!

  19. Christine

    oh wow guys…. these are UNREAL! how gorgeous is this couple??!! love the details and the so-in-love moments you’ve captured… LOVE! :)

  20. Emily

    These are incredible!! You guys never cease to inspire!

  21. Emily

    These are incredible!! You guys never cease to inspire!

  22. Kia Gregory

    Could this couple be any more beautiful! Really?!? These details are amazing.

  23. Anna P.

    Gah! I LOVE them. J&M you guys are amazing!

  24. Lisa H. Chang

    Gorgeous!!! Wow wow wow!

  25. Tira J

    Only one word can come out of my mouth right now….GORGEOUS!!!

  26. Michelle Hebert

    WOW! What a beautiful bride! I love how they embraced their culture and added all the details and elements of it. Their first look pictures are beautiful…really captured the moment. Beautiful work J&M!

  27. fEuza

    love the stairway one

  28. Brian Fletcher

    Amazing work! She is stunning indeed!

  29. hannah

    what a stunning bride! love how you captured every detail. love your work!! :)

  30. Marissa Rodriguez

    OMG! That is all.

  31. Gina Meola

    AHHHH!! The detail shots are to DIE for and the couple is stunning! GORGEOUS work!!

  32. Tamara Cohen

    Great work Justin & Mary. Can’t wait to have you out again!

  33. Deyla Huss Photography

    These are GORGEOUS! Seriously wow!! and they are a beautiful couple! Cant wait to see Part 2

  34. Molly

    So glad I waited to look at these. Totally helped me get through my AM!

  35. Harmony Loves

    everything is just amazing. the details, the dress, the images! great job!

  36. Jana Marler

    WOW! I LOVE the detail. This couple is hot hot hot!

  37. Katelyn james

    LOVE her details!

  38. Jackie Beale

    thanks for all the eye candy! ;) They are absolutely beautiful

  39. Susannah

    GAH!!!! LOVE those hand-painted shoes and that necklace! What a dream!

  40. jackie g. photog

    stunning!!! gorgeous couple and gorgeous images! great job as usual j&m!!

  41. Holly

    what a beautiful couple is right!!!! whoa! love your photos so much!!!

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