August 4, 2009

Miles Away from Ordinary

In about five hours, a taxi is going to be picking us up to drive us to the airport. Yep, 5 hours from now. Make that 4 hours and 59 minutes. And we’re STILL up packing!! It’s pretty safe to say that Justin & I just might be the world’s WORST packers. And to be honest, I have a feeling that most of it is my fault. See, my approach to packing goes a little something like this: step 1 take over the entire bedroom, step 2 pull out anything and everything that I could ever possibly need on the trip and pile it on the bed, step 3 narrow from there. This final step usually takes no less than ten rounds to get the luggage down to within the ballpark of the weight limits. Or at least in the next neighborhood over. Let’s put it this way, if luggage could enter the boxing ring mine would be the heavy weight champion of the world. It’s voluptuous. Reubenesque. Big boned. It eats its feelings.

So if any of you out there have any input on a more efficient means of packing….I’m all ears. Or eyes as the case might be.

So as I was saying, in 4 hours and 55 minutes a taxi will be arriving at our door and whisking us away to the airport. We are going to be out of the country for the next week in Punta Cana shooting the oh so super fabulous wedding of Stef & Dave. There are palm trees and drinks with little umbrellas in our very near future, so as you can imagine we won’t be checking email or voicemail while we’re gone.

But if you’d like to send a message in a bottle, then we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!

**Speaking of messages in a bottle, check out Stef & Dave’s super cute invitation! Oh how I love me a good theme!

  1. J's Dad

    Mary, take a page from your mum-in-law. Make a list, check it twice your gonna find out…. what you need? Than lay out what you need on the guest bed days in advance, so J can tell you that you have too much. Have a great trip, We’re off to San Diego to see Brian Buffini

  2. caroline

    I’m probably the world’s lightest packer. I spent two weeks in Costa Rica, and only took a backpack and a laptop case. I packed less than the guys, yet still managed to be prepared for everything from long days of hiking to long nights of dancing. Maybe I should have a workshop!

  3. Christa

    You could be really anal like me and have a list of every outfit I’m going to wear for every occasion/day while I’m away.
    I think your way is MUCH healthier….LOL

  4. Vanessa

    I pack almost the exact same way, but I do it in the guest room so I have a whole bed to use, and I start weeks ahead of time… Usually I have what I’m going to pack narrowed down with a week to go… and then the day we leave I go through my closet like a crazy woman with nothing packed, and start grabbing random things and throwing them into my perfectly packed suitcase because I’m just SURE I didn’t pack enough.

  5. Dennis Bullock

    How about a Space Bag?

  6. Anna Sawin

    I do that, too, a and then? Do it for my kids, too, if it is a family trip. We need a packing support group and 12-step program!

  7. Yuka photoa rt

    I just posted about invitation and saw yours post……wonderful idea!!!!

  8. cassandra m

    #1…Prayers for a safe trip. #2…Many many many WISHES for a fabulous vacation, I mean WORK / SHOOT / etc…ha.ha. Share pics and have a little umbrella drink for me :))

  9. Realtor Dad

    We got the extension!!!!

  10. Amy Clifton

    I pack that way, too, and I’m usually lucky to get 3 hours sleep before a big trip…because I’m cramming clothes into my suitcase and creating playlists on my iPod. Ha! @ Caroline, yes please host a packing workshop. :-)

  11. Ray

    That is the cutest invitation ever! I love when people are so creative and unique. CREATIVITY ROCKS! Have fun in Punta Cana! =o)

  12. Emily Beaty

    What an awesome invite! Love it.

  13. Averell Searle

    What a unique invite, I love it!

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