September 3, 2009


It was a Thursday just like any other Thursday. A cold North wind blew in off the water and rolled down lonely streets, leaving a chill in the air like a woman scorned. He ate his morning bagel and scrolled through Yahoo news. Nothin much to see here. Nothin much at all.

Just then a knock came at the door. And right then and for no explicable reason whatsoever, his inner dialogue suddenly became audible.

I opened the door and saw her standing there. She was a tall, cool drink of water indeed. Yea, she was worth a stare. But trust me, she was trouble. The kind of trouble that can make a man take out a loan to pay for his sins. Sure, she liked me. I could feel that. The way you feel when you know you’ve played a good hand or nailed a good kiss shot. Only, I soon found out that I wasn’t the one playing her. She was there to play me.

In one hand she held a pumpkin spice latte, in the other a manilla folder marked top secret. She sashayed over to my desk like a cat on a hot tin roof. She was the kind of woman you treat like a cup of hot coffee. She’ll scald you if you get to0 close. But still you want a taste. She tossed the folder on the desk, kissed me passionately….the kind of kiss that’ll make your lips fall off…and then she was gone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Ok, totally RANDOM I know!! But we wanted to do a blog post about Mini and their “Top Secret” Owners pack that they send out to all new MINI owners, and Justin says to me “just write something that sounds all Mission Impossible about the situation.” So that’s what I sat down to do, but for some reason I kept channeling Mr. Humphrey Bogart and some film noir action instead. So I just decided to run with it! So bear with me now!

When Justin & I first bought our MINI last summer, about two weeks later we received our “adventure field kit” in the mail. It had things like an antenna 8 ball, window poetry that’s like refrigerator magnet poetry but for your car windows, a mouse pad covered in Minis, etc. And in the back of the kit, there is this flap that says “nothing to see behind this flap. Zero. Zip. And of course….Zilch.”

So we didn’t look!!!

It wasn’t until about two weeks later and when our friend Shyla was like “oooh what’s back here??” that we finally found it! It included some instructions (that we can’t tell you about….well, unless you own a MINI. But then you’d already know!) and some super secret spy glasses that we would need for future use.

Well earlier this month, we were called into action. We received an email that told us to go get our glasses and await further instruction. The following is a play by play of what happened next.

First we had to read the encoded email to decipher the directions that we would need next. Then we had to go over to the bookshelf and pull the right books in the exact order specified. Once we did that, the bookcase swung open and we gained access to an entirely new customer lounge website with all sorts of new & exciting features…. Which we still can’t tell you about!! :)

Justin & I talk about Mini a LOT when we give our talk “Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason.” And I think you can see why! Their marketing & branding isn’t just cool or pretty. It’s REMARKABLE. The kind of marketing that makes you want to go out and tell everyone you know about it. The kind of marketing that turns you into an evangelist for them. The kind that makes you want to sit down and channel Casa Blanca just to TRY to capture the essence of how awesome it is. THIS is the gold standard of marketing & branding that we should all be striving for right here. Because in today’s market you are either remarkable or you’re forgotten. Period.

So I ask you….how are YOU going to be remarkable today?

  1. Feuza

    What a great post guys, would so love to chat at Photoplu fi you are guys will be around, this is so true, I think about being remarkable all the time and really need to incorporate some things learned at the Spread the Love and I think about getting a mini once in a while as well, yes this is beyond customer service, it is excellance.

  2. Samantha Harkins

    I am going to save state funding for Michigan’s cities. The legislature is looking at a marathon session today and I’m working my tail off here in the lobby. Everyone wants a vibrant community to live in, and saving funding can make that happen. Fingers crossed!

  3. Nicole Haley

    This is such a fabulous illustration for us all! Thank you for taking the time to share.

  4. Kelly Bowie

    I seriously am considering going out and buying a mini right now. Wait, it’s 8pm and they’re probably closed. I may have to go wake them up just so I can join the cool club. That is incredible marketing.

  5. Nicole Pierson

    MINI is so awesome. You have to come to MINIsOnTop in New Hampshire next summer, it’s a great time with great people and there’s also this little thing about driving up Mt. Washington with 200 other Minis…

  6. maggieb

    you guys are constantly in motion and reinventing yourselves – always daring to be remarkable – thanks for the encouragement and inspiration for those of us who muddle along!

  7. Eliane

    How do we sign up i went to the spread the love and there’s only 2009, We saw that you guys are coming to Boston and we would like to attend thank you

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