January 16, 2012

Monday Minutes: The J&M Lighting LIVE Chat & More!!

We start our weeks off with a Monday board meeting. Ok, ok….so there aren’t bad bagels and sensible shoes involved.

But there is coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Sometimes we’ll sit in his office, sometimes we’ll sit in mine. Sometimes we’ll just lay in bed a little longer. Or we’ll hop in the car and drive to nowhere. But wherever it is, we talk. And talk and talk and talk. Ok, so those last two talks are mine, but that’s my binding contractual right as the wife. To talk. I’ll ask his input on everything, from the grandest we must be out of our mind crazy dreams & goals to the tiniest get ‘er done details. Like whether the glitter of my nail polish is glittery enough. I talk. He listens. And quite often…we disagree. Passionately. Fervently. Vehemently. Put it this way, we’ve had blow outs over the space & kerning of a font layout like the one you see below (Ok, ok so it WAS the one you see below). But guess what? The end result is all the better for it. We are all the better for it. Because we push each other. We demand the best of one another. We fill in each other’s gaps. We build on the unique constellation of attributes that we each bring to the table. And because of that, the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Talking, pushing, building something out of nothing. Together.

If someone were taking notes in those Monday meetings, these would be our minutes. And I wouldn’t trade a single one of them.

Happy Monday! This is our first day back to work after a glorious month off. And as a result, we have a few items of business on the agenda to announce. So, we thought we’d pile them all into one big businessy post & get them out of the way! :)

*My PhotoBiz Coach Interview: Justin & I will be chatting LIVE tomorrow, Jan 17th at 12:30pm EST with My PhotoBiz Coach host Amy Zellmer all about Goal Setting & Marketing for 2012. You can tune in to the show by signing up HERE and we’ll also be taking your questions either by phoning in or on Twitter at @marymarantz. We would LOVE for you to join us! If you can’t catch the show, the replay will be up at the same link!
*The J&M Lighting LIVE Chat: On Wednesday starting at 5pm EST, Justin & I will be hosting our LIVE chat this time devoted to all things lighting. Just like last time, the chat will be available right here on the blog and will be absolutely FREE to any one who tunes in live. The only thing that we ask, is that you post this like crazy all over Facebook & Twitter to help spread the word. Help us pay it forward & spread the love! :)

*The J&M Lighting Download: Can’t make the LIVE chat? No worries! We’re going to have the download of the entire chat available for just $99. BUT if you sign up for the pre-sale order between now & the end of the chat on Wednesday, you can grab your copy for just $59 with the code “FLASHY” You can place your order by going HERE
*J&M in Vegas, baby!!: In addition to our Platform, “The Big Think: How to Dream Big & Do Bigger” on Wednesday Feb 22nd at 2:30 (where we have something extra AWESOME planned for everyone who pre-boards, so get on that! :) we are also thinking about putting on another Shoot Out, as well as hosting a mixer meet & greet for all of our Walk Through alums probably on Monday night. But we want to know if that’s something you’d be interested in. So if you like either of those, give us a shout out in the comments!!
*The Winner: And finally, a big congrats to Feuza for being the winner of our Preppy Proof contest! Just shoot us an email & we’ll get you your iTunes card so you can get your Adele on!

Happy Monday y’all!

  1. ashley barnett

    1) SUPER stoked about the lighting workshop! I know so many people who can benefit from that so I’ll be sharing it around!
    2)Yes, yes, YES and can I get a heck yeah for some kind of workshop in Vegas!!! :)
    Hope you guys have a great start to the week!

  2. Emilia Jane

    Love love love. And a shoot-out in Vegas?! Where do I sign?

  3. Alicia Candeora

    #1 I’d love to come to your Monday evening shoot out in Vegas :)
    #2 You failed to mention Wed night would be live. I’m definitely going to have to go shopping for a new outfit now…

  4. Luke Neumayr

    Can’t wait to see what the extra AWESOME thing is that us pre-boarders will get! :)

  5. Ashley Terry

    Already pre-boarded for your Vegas presentation and CANNOT wait! I already know it will be such a blessing. Adding another shootout would be amazing. Can’t wait to meet you!

  6. Nancy Mitchell

    Happy Back to work week:) You are simply gorgeous in that picture! xoxo~nance

  7. Mary Anne Morgan

    Love this, Mary. Love your honest, flowing writing style. Thanks for being so authentic about life and love and photography. We need more of that out here in blogworld.

  8. Catie Ronquillo

    Excited about your Lighting Live Chat!! I’ve been wanting to get into doing some editorial work like what you’ve been posting and I think this will give me the perfect kick in the pants to get going on it! :) But I know close to nothing on BIG fancy lights :) And I’d totally be down for a Shootout and mixer (though, I’m not an alum, I’m one in spirit! I’m a Shootout alum if that counts. Hoping to make a WTW this year!) Y’all rock!

  9. Katie

    I would love a WTAW get together…and would definitely love to come to the shoot out if possible:) Thanks for being awesome guys!

  10. Elizabeth & Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    A WTAW get together would be so much fun! We are in! And you should definitely have another Shoot Out. It was such a blast last year! Let us know if you need models ;)

  11. Jessica Frey Photography

    J&M – Would LOVE to meet you guys for a Shoot Out! I missed last year’s and my roomie Karen could not stop talking about how amazing you two were! SO my hand is raised for a WPPI gathering of sorts!!

  12. Amanda Miller

    Shoot Out, yes! AND Walk Through Alums mixer?! So fun!

  13. athena p

    welcome back!! i’m excited for the PHOTOBIZ chat tomorrow! xoxo

  14. MartaV

    Yay! I am super excited for the LIVE chat! Also I am so glad that I already preboarded for your class. I would love it if you did another Shoot Out. I would totally be there.

  15. Feuza

    Woo hoo I won I won, I AM SO EXCITED! and yes getting Adele on for sure, thanks guys

  16. Gabby / En Route Photography

    May I suggest that next time you start a bit earlier??? I’d love to join and will try to stay awake but it’s quite a challange for us Euro gals! ;D with that said, I can’t wait!

  17. MM

    @Gabby: I know, I’m sorry! But we wanted it to be dark to help mimic a reception. :(

  18. Faith

    First off, you guys are awesome. Second, thanks for doing a lighting chat! Can’t wait! Third, I would LOVE to go to a J&M Shoot Out in Vegas! Sign me up! ;)

  19. Lauren

    Sassy photo. I would love to do a WTAW meetup! Do it do it! :)

  20. Shannon Rosan

    So excited for this!

  21. Lydia

    An alumni mixer sounds awesome!

  22. Rici

    Hey you two!!
    I love it how you share and let me learn from you! This is so marvelous and generous!
    Thank you soooo much.
    Just wanted to let you know that I´ll be following again from Italy, Tuscany! :-)
    I loved the greeting at the beginning of the other live chat! Thank you very, very much!!!
    Saluti, baci,

  23. Angelsea Urban

    1.Already pre-boarded for your class. 2. WTAW Alum mixer would be FUN! 3. Shoot out with J&M, YES, please!

  24. Paul Manke

    This picture of you could turn a gay man straight!!

  25. Katie Jane

    WTAW Alum mixer would be FANTASTIC!! I am so excited for my first year at WPPI.

  26. J Guiles

    Another vote for WTAW Alum & Shoot Out in Vegas!!

  27. sharon elizabeth

    HOLY SEXY MAMA!!!! This series you two have come up with is AWESOME! This picture of you is GORGEOUS!!!!!

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