November 13, 2009

More: Angela & Andrew

What’s that you say? You want MORE Angela & Andrew? Haven’t yet had enough of their ridiculously amazing Oheka Castle wedding?

Well….lucky for you and for US… A&A decided to do a day after session with us as well!! Oh, and did we mention that they also got a HORSE for the shoot? We didn’t?

Well, they DID!!

Enjoy!! And if any of our brides out there see this and decide you want to add a day after to the mix, just shoot us an email at!! Especially if you own a horse…or a lion….or a giraffe! I’m just sayin!!

  1. Betsy Jo

    Oh. My. Justin and Mary, you’ve done it again. Stunning. ‘Love these! Sooo, ever think about doing a workshop for aspiring CT photogs…? :)

  2. emily

    Shut up. These are flippin’ awesome. Wow. I have never posted here before but I just had to… Wow.

  3. Dennis

    These are so amazing!

  4. Alice Marques

    Simply stunning!

  5. Scott

    Absolutely amazing.

  6. dana

    THESE ARE GORGEOUS! You guys do fantastic work…and what beautiful subjects too.

  7. Nancy G.

    Fantastic shots! Fabulous site, and what a knockout couple! (The horse looks good, too.)

  8. denise karis

    !! LOVELY! these are all so bright and clear! i love them! my favey is the one where her dress is fluttering all around the frame with no faces – wow!

  9. Carrie Walsh

    These are amazing photos. What beautiful concepts and people! The lighting and contrast are amazing. Great Job. Makes me want to get married.

  10. Michelle Sidles

    A horse!? A Castle?! A POND?!

    Kill me now! TOO fabulous! ;)

  11. Rose Bell

    As if the castle weren’t enough, the horse simply puts the beauty of the day over the edge. Wonderful photos!

  12. arielle joy

    Love the horse in the photos! It adds so much class and originality to them! :) My favorites are the reflection photos, they are stunning!

  13. Elena

    Those picutres are amazing!

  14. Kim

    These are incredible!!! What a stunning setting and couple!

  15. Lindsay

    Beautifully captured and stunning shots.

  16. Tira J

    Seriously beautiful!

  17. N. Watson

    These images are just gorgeous. The composition is stunning. I love every one of them.

  18. Alicia Roberts D'Anna

    Beautiful work. Angela and Andrew look amazing. You do absolutely beautiful work.

  19. Erica Velasco

    OK…so are we in a fairytale? Or is it just me?

  20. Jeanette

    How truly amazing! LOVE every single one of the shots! Wow!

  21. Jackie L.

    gahh! one word: beautiful!

  22. Whitney Gray

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it once again: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!

  23. Jil

    sooo cool… love the water reflection shots!

  24. Angela Delaney Kircher

    We cannot tell you what an amazing gift these photos are; your thought and care and unparalleled talent is astounding. Equally as wonderful was to have had such a special team on the other side of the camera and with us for those two extraordinary days…Justin and Mary and Julia, you were AMAZING, and we are beyond grateful for all of your hard work! THANK YOU SO MUCH. A&A

  25. Rosemarie Murphy

    Amazing work and a beautiful couple! I wish Justin & Mary were around for my wedding!

  26. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Did anyone else feel like they were looking at images from a polo ad??? loved it!

  27. Ray

    I love the photo of Angela’s dress while she’s sitting on the horse. Sweet shot. Another great one would have to be: Angela and Andrew’s backs to us. And the photo of Andrew & Angela each grabbing onto the horse’s reins is nice.

  28. maggieb

    Blown awaaaaaaaaay by this weddingand your images.

  29. Tina dela Rosa

    Your work is stunning!

  30. jamie delaine

    can’t get over these.

  31. Denise Saucedo

    So fairytale Princess-ish. LOVE!!!!

  32. Grant Oakes

    Beautiful work!

  33. imgrum

    My cat named Lion, should I :p just kidding. The photos are so stunning! Oh the horse~ so majestic!
    Is this the castle in Blank Space MV…

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