October 4, 2009

More: Suzanne & Justin (Day After Part I)

And now as promised, Part I of Suzanne & Justin’s Paris meets Boardwalk day after session. And just wait til you see Part II….they’re going to make you “jump” for joy!

Ok…yea, that was lame :)

A little ice cream boutonniere/bouquet action!!

  1. Amy Clifton

    Paris meets Boardwalk meets 007! I’m such a sucker for spontaneous slow-dancing….love that whole series, and first shot as well. Beautiful stuff, M&J!

  2. Melissa

    These are all wonderful, but the shots of them laughing are SO GOOD.

  3. Jodie Lagana

    Gorgeous! I Love them all {as usual!}

  4. Feuza

    Boats make it so cool! like James Bond…

  5. Melanie Hitchcock

    That’s Lake Mohawk!! Wow! I love these pics! So amazingly beautiful! Did you head to Krogh’s for a beer afterward? Great microbrews!

  6. jeramy


  7. Vanessa

    Fantastic pics! Now I’m off to the kitchen to get some ice cream… darn you!

  8. Ray

    Love the photos on the boat, especially the last one. Cue in happily ever after music. LOL! ;o) And I also love the ice cream boutonniere/bouquet action photo. =P

  9. Christa

    Wow…love love!

  10. arielle joy

    Oh good grief… you guys are flipping AMAZING. Every photo is just stunning. Really. And I love that you do so many black and white imaged! Its so timeless and classic!!

  11. Suzanne

    You are gifted at working in adverse conditions, too…namely high humidity and melty ice cream!

  12. Duds

    STU. PID.

  13. Aurora Onorato

    mmmmmm ICE CREAMMM…. ok now I’m hungry ;) Nice Images!

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