October 7, 2009

More: Suzanne & Justin (Day After Part II)

For Part II of Suzanne & Justin’s day after shoot, Justin (of Justin & Suzanne, not to be confused with Justin & Mary) mentioned ever so casually that they’d like to do some shots on the trampoline. Y’know….because they like to occasionally jump on the trampoline.

Boy was that the understatement of the CENTURY!!!

Check out their MAD skillz. Yea, that’s skillz with a z because really…what else would do these justice??

Then Justin took to the trampoline by himself….and uhhh yea….I’m pretty sure that he’s a super hero in disguise!! Look at the air he got on these!!

  1. Heather Corporan

    I LOOOOOOVE these! How super cute. And yes, Justin must be a superhero secretly in disguise! I’m thinking you and Justin should add a trampoline to your photography business! These are just so great! They make me smile : )

  2. Ray

    Wow, these are absolutely awesome! What a fun couple. ;o) I know their future kids will love to see these. ^o^

  3. Kat Forsyth

    Best-timed shoot ever, with those clouds. It would have been fun even without them, but they really add a nice contrast of beauty to the fun and excitement.

    I want to jump on a trampoline in my dress now.

  4. Gina Meola

    so FUN!

  5. Stacy Cross

    So awesome! I love them ALL!

  6. Carrie Roseman

    I am so in love with fun couples! This is awesome! What a killer idea!

  7. Julia

    Wheeeee! LOVE these!!

  8. Suzanne

    Aaaaahhh!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Ahhh!!!! (no words!)

  9. Rachel


  10. Jackie L.

    that’s so friggin’ awesome! You guys have so much fun!

  11. Amy Clifton

    Noooooooo way!!!! These are beyond cool. Y’all rock way too hard!! I can’t wait for Spread the Love. :-)

  12. Alison

    Aahh! These are incredible! I love the super hero shot of Justin (groom)! You guys rocked it!

  13. jenberry

    are you kidding me. hahaha. these are soooo original and sooo much fun. WHOOPIIEEE

  14. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    These. Are. AWESOME!!!!!!

  15. Jeanette

    my word, they’re awesome! Love them!

  16. michele bowman

    i think i need to get a trampoline!!!
    love them:)

  17. Megan

    Those are SO FUN!!

  18. carly carlson

    LOVE love these!!!!

  19. Stacey

    Um, Tyra Banks would be like so totally ridiculously proud of these two…. Awesome shots!

  20. Kayleen T.

    Ha ha! So awesome! They were getting some major air!

  21. Nicole Glenn

    Awesomness! Love it! Looks like everyone had WAY too much fun. :)

  22. Feuza

    Trampoline shots! Oh YEAH!

  23. Lisa H. Chang

    Wow! that’s all I have to say ~ wow! and what FUN!

  24. Erica Velasco

    Haha awesome!

  25. aurora Onorato

    LOVE IT!! My girls and I totally ADORE the trampoline and it’s always fun to see two happy people still being kids at heart ;)

  26. robert norman

    wowwee– thats SO cool!!

  27. Tiffany Laws

    I really love this idea! It looks so much fun too!

  28. gmail sign in

    It’s so much fun! Love it!

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