August 6, 2014

Move the Decimal Point

BIG things have been happening lately with The Black Tie Bride & The Well Groomed Groom (the two wedding blogs we started at the beginning of this year for those of you who are new around here!)

Last week we went up and met with our accountant & our financial planner for about four hours (it was a marathon!), but when it was done we had officially started our second business ever & I’m so excited to say “The Black Tie Media Group” was born!

Now we’re not planning on leaving our first business (Justin & Mary Photography) behind at all, it’s just that both of the blogs have really blown up & taken on a life of their own. And it became really clear really fast that they needed to be their own business! So last week we made that happen!

While we were meeting with our accountant, she said something that she always reminds us of when we’re with her. She said, “Everybody has the same things they have to think about with their money, everybody has the same choices. It’s just a matter of where you put the decimal point.”

And I LOVE that because it’s so true. It’s such a great reminder that in so many ways we are all in this together and dealing with the same kind of things. When we were first starting our business, our decimal was in one place and now it’s in another. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to still keep being smart with our money. And making good choices. And working a budget. I think that younger version of us would have thought that if we could ever “just get to that place” where the decimal point changed then we would never have to worry about any of that stuff again. And it’s just not true.

It’s the same with starting a business. When we’re first starting or a few years into it, it’s so tempting to think “oh if I could just get to where So & So is then I’ll have made it. I’ll have arrived. And I won’t have to work so hard at it anymore.” But the fact is, it’s just not true. There will always be work to be done. And hustle. And stress. Fear and failures and triumphs. And small victories along the way that push you forward. There is no “arrived.”

There’s only “we’ve come this far, let’s see where the road leads next.”

Something that we’ve definitely learned over the years is that whether you are just getting started in a dream or you are years into it- something that at the moment we find ourselves standing with a foot in each place: an established photography business of almost 8 years and a brand new baby of a business only a few days old- either way, we all have way more in common than we have different:

*We have fears and doubts and “what ifs”
*But we also have all of the heart racing, up all night, can’t keep from talking about it of what it could look like if it works
*We have email. Lots and lots and lots of email.
*We’re so busy building a dream that we go out in public unshowered in yoga pants and a messy hair bun and run into someone we know.
*We work FAR longer hours than that corporate job we left or turned down to chase a dream with more life balance. But somehow we don’t mind it at all.
*We sketch out logos and web layouts on notebooks in Starbucks. Even though our drawing skills leave much to the imagination.
*We leap, believing that the net will appear.
*We pray that what we build stands for something, makes a difference, makes a change, leaves something behind, and that it pulls us closer to the plan God has for our lives.
*We get overwhelmed.
*We make color coded to do lists.
*We find people who can help bring the dream one step closer.
*We get brave. We send the email, we make the call, we reach out with the chance they just might say no.
*We’re told no.
*But along the way, we find a lot more yes’s in places we didn’t expect them.
*We’re criticized for breaking the lines, for not staying where we’re supposed to stay. But we would rather be criticized than ever let the world put us in a box it has with our names on it.
*We create for ourselves. Because it makes us happy. Because it speaks to us and we believe in what we’re making. And like Beyonce says, ” I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I only have to follow my heart.”
*We look up inspiring quotes from Beyonce.
*We look too much ahead at where other people are and forget to look back at the path behind us. To see how far WE have already come.
*One day we feel knocked down. One day we feel like we’re soaring. Either way, every day we get up and go about the work of building a dream.
*We get our hands dirty.
*We put our hearts on the line.
*We give more. We try harder, We believe for bigger.
*And above all, we dream. We sleep less, so we can dream more.

And whether it’s 1 year or 10 years, I just never want to lose that. I always want to have that same heart, that same hunger as we did on Day 1. Where the only thing that’s changed is time.

Just move the decimal point.

Rock it out!

  1. Annamarie

    I love this Mary!! Amen to being brave when the worst that can happen is hearing the word "no"! So inspired by your fearlessness in chasing big dreams! I think so much of the joy is found in the times when you’re building…with each brick that you lay the excitement builds too. Congratulations on the success of your new endeavor! Can’t say that I’m surprised;)

  2. Jennifer

    I love this post Mary. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

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