June 14, 2012

My Dad, the Facebook Boss

When it comes to my Dad, there are a few things that have always been certain.

He likes Hardees and Nascar and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He’s a total history buff (especially anything to do with the civil war) and can spout off random facts like a walking Wikipedia. He drinks Dr. Pepper with his meat & potatoes. And believe me when I say, you’ll never Ever see him without a hat.

For the most part, he’s a soft-spoken gentle giant. A Paul Bunyan with a heart of gold. But make no mistake about it, if you try to harm one of his friends or family….he never backs down from a fight. And he’ll come at you like a spider monkey.

That’s my dad.

And up until recently, I thought I had him pretty figured out.

And then things started to change. The same guy who used to refer to my laptop as my “computer machine” is now on Facebook like a boss. He’s liking things and sharing pictures and I’m pretty sure I even saw him throw a sheep at somebody (ok I made that last part up). And he texts. Did I mention he texts? The other day he texted LOL and I was all OMG, my dad knows what LOL is!. Then over Memorial Weekend when we went home to West Virginia, he suggested we go to the Olive Garden (hold up, rewind. Make that THE OLIVE GARDEN!?! keeper of the breadsticks). And THEN?! Then he went ahead and ordered some pasta. PASTA! And actually ate it. People, I’ve been on this earth some three decades now and I have never EVER seen my dad even breach a ten foot perimeter to some pasta. And there he sat, ordering linguine like he was one of the Mario Brothers.

Yea, I guess I have to face it. My Dad is growing up. :)

The other day he posted this on my Wall, and I wanted to share it with you guys too. Because I think it’s spot on.

Since Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, I just wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank my suddenly worldly, tech–savvy Dad. Because the fact of the matter is, whether he’s out in the woods cutting the trees that built my future or just posting something on my Wall, he has always taught me not to waste a single minute on an unlived life. And that no matter what I do, I should make it Un-Ordinary.

And I know that’s something I can always be certain of.

  1. Lauren Wakefield

    It must be in the water because my dad is texting too! And on Facebook! Your dad sounds like an awesome man…..

  2. Spring

    I see where you get your love and passion for live un-ordinary. :)

  3. Jodie

    Go JR Go! Tell him, I just got two new kunsler Gettysburg prints.

  4. Jennelle

    I love this! Happy Father’s Day to your dad! What a nice tribute!

  5. Leigh Madeleine Miller

    Your dad sounds so awesome! How proud you must be. Lovely tribute.

  6. Christina Dely

    This post hits very close to home. All my mom says after we take a picture together is, "Send it to me this week, so I can post it on Facebook!" O.M.G.

  7. GrandmaIna

    Wow! He’s an awesome man! and that post said it all.

  8. Julia G.

    Love this! :)

  9. Debra Godfrey

    I have known JR. since I was a teenager. We have the best friendship and I will cherish him always. And you are so right on with your dad. When he text me for the first time I couldn’t believe it was him. LOL He is an amazing man and he loves you more than life. You are very lucky woman to have him for your Dad.

  10. Alison

    I love that he is testing new waters and I def love the quote. Thank you for sharing him with us!!!

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