March 7, 2016

Named Top 100 Photographer by SLR Lounge!!


Most days when you’re building a business, you sit behind your computer alone, doing the work, sending stuff out there into the universe hoping it’s making even a ding, but never really knowing if it is or not. That’s the reality of dream chasing. It’s a LOT of doing the hard work. A LOT of putting stuff out there and hoping that it sticks. A LOT of showing up over and over again just to make the wheels turn over once. And then after all that….you go back to work and you try to make them turn over again. That’s the reality of a normal day in a business owner’s life.

But then there are other days. Days that make you want to fist pump the sky Bon Jovi style. Or like that guy in the Breakfast Club style.  “Don’t you….forget about me” style. There are days when you wake up and you get a WIN. And not just a little win, but a BIG “holy WOW, is this real life” win. A “do a happy dance complete with the Running Man, and not care if anyone is looking” kind of win. And those are the kind of days that will carry you over for the next 100 or so….when you go back to showing up and back to doing more of the work you were created to do.

We got JUST one of those sorts of BIG fist pump the sky kinds of wins last week, when the email showed up in our inbox letting us know that we had been selected as one of the Top 100 Photographers in all of the US & Canada by SLR Lounge!! These guys considered over 2000 photographers (!!!) drawing from industry speakers, teachers, award winners, and ambassadors for companies like Nikon and Canon. And from that, they narrowed down to their choice for the Top 100 photographers in all of those two countries, and we are BLOWN AWAY to say that we were on that list!! Ahhh! We still very much remember the days when we had a giant champagne glass full of Hershey’s chocolates and some albums from Target to show people at a bridal show. So to see our names on that list of industry GIANTS is both super surreal and most definitely happy dance inducing!! :) You can check out the full list and the whole thought process & criteria for how they picked the winners by going HERE!

So here’s to the days that you work 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 other days to get to. May they give us the courage to keep showing up & doing the work for 10,000 more still to come!



  1. Rebecca Nash-Emerson

    Congratulations on a well deserved award you two!

  2. Geert Peeters


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