May 27, 2014

Nantucket 2014!! {aka Mary’s Preppy Birthday}

Ok, so I apologize in advance for the mammoth size of this post! There were just too many amazing memories not to include them all!

Last week, we hopped on the Grey Lady and ferried over to Nantucket for our second annual trip there with friends, which we have lovingly nicknamed “Mary’s Preppy Birthday” since it always falls on my birthday week (“you get a day, not a week!!”). This year the group got even bigger with the addition of Will, Jen & Aaron, and Melissa, in addition to the alums of Liz & Ryan, Emilia, Spring, and the two of us (we were also SO missing Ashley & Jeremy who were supposed to come but had to stay home at the last minute for some exciting things happening there!) It was an incredible five days that we definitely didn’t want to end! Here are just a few of my favorite highlights of the trip:

*First night drinks & dinner right on the beach at The Galley restaurant.
*The adorable house we all rented together called “The Monkey Barrel.” It had a grill, a hot tub, and a fenced in backyard Cooper could run around (and get in to lots of trouble) in.
*A 6am walk to the beach with J & Coop
*Shopping in Jack Wills, Lilly Pulitzer, and all the other cute shops
*The incredible banana, strawberry & nutella stuffed french toast that Liz & Ryan made for everyone.
*The incredible, now famous eggplant parm that Spring made for everyone.
*Jeeps on the beach and stumbling upon HUNDREDS of seals hanging out in the sun.
*Having our pictures taken by Melissa at Great Point lighthouse & my fun new floppy hat
*Getting to take TWO trips on the Endeavor sailboat
*Driving out to Siasconset and walking down random, gorgeous driveways
*Wine tasting at Cisco Brewery
*Flying kites on the beach at Brant Point Lighthouse & collecting {navy!} seashells
*Those amazing blueberry lemonade spritzers at Toppers
*All the cherry blossoms still in bloom
*Ryan’s Vineyard Vines whale hat!
*Spending time with people who inspire us, are big dream chasers, and are always up to go after adventure with us even when it means a day full of cross country flights!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the trip! One of the major advantages to traveling with photographers is that we didn’t feel like we had to be the ones to capture it all. So we were able to put our main cameras down & just capture things as we wanted with our phones and film camera. I am SO grateful to Emilia & Melissa for all of these memories. All of the really pretty pictures are theirs!

Photo bomber!!

LOL, when photographers vacation!

  1. Cc Garvie

    I like everything about this post, the pics are amazing, but i Have a question, what kind of Camera Justin is holding ?

  2. Tiffany

    Awwww so cute – looks like so much fun with amazing memories! :) New bucket list – nantucket!

  3. MM

    @CC Garvie: It’s a Rollei!!

  4. Melissa Jill

    AHHHHHH!!!!! What an epic trip!! I loved every minute of it and all of your favorite moments were my favorite too. I was beyond blessed that you included me this year, Mary and Justin! Thank you so much for the incredible memories! xoxoxoxo

  5. Emilia Jane

    Love this and you! What an amazing week <3

  6. Vanessa Chupp

    So fun!! Such a beautiful place! Glad you had an awesome birthday!!

  7. Vanessa Chupp

    So fun!! Such a beautiful place! Glad you had an awesome birthday!!

  8. Spring

    Yea!!!! What a great set of images that match perfectly with my memories of a fantastic week! Thanks for having an awesome birthday week and allowing me along for the ride :) xoxoxoox

  9. Rici

    OMG!! I love this happy, colourful and seaside filled collection of moments! So beautiful!!

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