June 4, 2013

Nantucket Engagement Shoot: Ashley & Jeremy

Good morning!

And BOY do we have a treat for you today!! While we were out in Nantucket, in addition to hanging out & having fun with them, we were also able to finally do Ashley & Jeremy’s engagement shoot! Those of you who have been reading along for a while, know that we first met A&J a couple years ago when they modeled for our Sunrise Shootout at WPPI. Then the following year, we had the incredible honor of shooting their surprise wedding, again at WPPI. Since then, they have become some of our best friends in the entire world, have lived on a bus with us cross-country for three weeks, and we just pretty much wouldn’t know what to do without them! So it seemed about time that we, like I said, finally got around to doing their engagement shoot. :) And boy, did they bring the HEAT! Sailboats, jeeps, lighthouses, and the prettiest floppy hat you ever did see. These guys will be having their second wedding (what we’re all now referring to as the BIG party!) this October in Virginia. And after the epicness that was their engagement shoot, I can’t WAIT to see what they have in store for the big day!


Meet: Ashley & Jeremy

{A&J I hope it doesn’t even need to be said at this point how much we love both of you. You are our family. Our allies against the world. And our friends for LIFE. Muah! xo M}

  1. Emilia Jane

    Ahhhhmazing! <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Tiffany Farley


  3. ashley barnett

    Ahhhhhhh! I don’t think there’s anything else to say about that haha! LOVE THESE – we definitely waited for the right time to make this happen…and the freezing water?! TOTALLY WORTH IT (and RIP Mary’s flip flops hahaha) LOVE YOU!

  4. Tori Watson

    aww, LOVE this and love them! you captured them beautifully! and i’m loving jeremy’s yellow pants. they both always have such great style!

  5. Dallas

    One of the best engagement shoots ever! First of all, I love that she’s wearing a sheer coverup over a pretty bathing suit. She looks amazing! And his yellow pants? So nice! But seriously, J & M, these photos are some of the most stunning work you’ve ever done. The softness of the light, the composition, the mood… everything! Kudos!

  6. Alicia Daw

    Only Ashley could get away with wearing a SWIMSUIT for her engagement, and totally look like a celebrity! These are incredible!!

  7. Tori (Williams) Eleonora

    Absolutely STUNNING guys! Congrats again!

  8. bethany cox

    This is ALL KINDS OF AMAZING!!! It is my favorite session/work I have seen by you two to date!!! Out of this world.

  9. Rebekah Hoyt

    OK. This is AMAZING. I’m dying over here!!!! This shoot is probably my favorite I’ve ever seen!!! So so so so sooooo amazing.

  10. Sarah Goodwin

    woo hoo! love these two sweethearts!!! simply stunning

  11. Jen Jar

    Two words: OW OW!

  12. Melissa Rieke

    CONGRATS!!! Beautiful images…stunning scenes…gorgeous couple!!

  13. Liz and Ryan

    Ahhhhhh!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!! ;) I am pretty sure that first one on the sailboat is my FAV!!! But they are all pretty much magical! ;) Ashley- you are gorgeous!!! And Jeremy- you definitely know how to rock those yellow pants! ;) Ohh my goodness- love you all! XOXO!

  14. Alicia Sturdy

    SO beautiful and simply romantic!!

  15. Katelyn James

    LOVE!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!! So beautiful!!!!

  16. Christy Tyler

    Daaaaaaaang! Beautiful you guys! I’m stealing Ashley’s wardrobe. That is all. ;-)

  17. Lauren Wakefield

    OMG I’m dying! These are amazing. And I am particularly obsessed with the last image and the one of them sitting in the window. So awesome. Love all of you!

  18. Alli McWhinney

    Couldn’t agree more…what an awesome floppy hat! Gorgeous images too :-)

  19. Kasey Loftin

    Love! This may be one of my favorite engagement sessions of yours. Does she look stunning or what??? This almost looks editorial. Great job! What a beautiful couple.

  20. Mary Veterano

    These are so amazing! I love the styling, love the location, and of course Ashley and Jeremy look fantastic!

  21. Spring


  22. Carina + David

    Love this engagement shoot!

  23. Emily Koska

    BEAUTIFUL!! Ashley looks so stunning! Love the setting and their outfits are adorable!! Awesome work J&M.

  24. Jaime & Chase

    These are AMAZING!!! Ashley and Jeremy look SO INCREDIBLE!! AAAhhhh love you all!!!

  25. Deborah Zoe

    stop.it. These are incredible!!

  26. Emily Crall

    This has to be one of my FAVORITE sessions you guys have ever done!!!! OMG. Lurrvvveee!!!!

  27. Hailey

    Gorgeous photos, and I LOVE those yellow pants!!!

  28. Gabrielle Halle

    Justin and Mary, brilliant and beautiful photography AS ALWAYS. I could go on and on and on about you guys, your incredible talent, hard work, big dreams, and giving hearts. Ashley??? Oh My Gosh, I died…you look gorgeous and you have the most beautiful engagement photos EVER! Every single one is my favorite! Best wishes for your "big party"!

  29. Jackie

    I love these photos SO much! Such a gorgeous couple! :)

  30. Stephanie Stewart

    Love all of these! Amazing! Gorgeous! Muy caliente!

  31. Christy

    These photos are beautiful!! You did a fabulous job on there engagement photos!!!

  32. ashley link

    these are phenomenal!!!! ashley and jeremy look like they came from j crew. such a rockstar couple!!!! i love all of these pictures! they so fun, yet classic!!!!

    also, i read the blog almost every day and never get a chance to comment! just wanted y’all to know i love your work and what y’all stand for! i need to comment more because y’all are great! just wish i had better internet service on my phone while i’m at work! haha. keep up the awesome-ness!!!! :) :) :)

  33. Cindy Habel

    Wow! So different but stunning!

  34. Urška Majer

    Oh my! This is gorgeous! They are such a sweet couple and the photos are just oh my gosh!

  35. Elizabeth

    These pictures are incredible!!! Fabulous job!!!

  36. Girish

    Stunning set of pictures :) great work.

  37. stephanie

    these pictures are STUNNING! Ashley and Jeremy are amazing and you captured their personalities so so well! :) I think my favorite picture out of all of them is the window shot- Love love LOVE! Awesome job, Justin and Mary!! :)

  38. Lea Ciceraro

    Man I wish even I could pull off yellow pants that fantastically!! Great shoot!

  39. ashley goodwin

    GORGEOUS GORGEOUS freaking GORGEOUS! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the location, too! And, I mean, you got a good couple so naturally, that helps. ;) Some of my FAVORITE images from yall–for real!

  40. Karen

    Ashley gets MASSIVE props for rocking out her bathing suit for their e-session! Love it!

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