July 25, 2018

Naval Academy J&M Anniversaries: Candice & Eric

Happy Wednesday friends! Today we get to share a J&M Anniversaries session we did while we were down in Annapolis with Candice & Eric at the STUNNING Naval Academy!

We first met Candice when she came to one of our Walk Through a Wedding workshops, so when she reached out to do an anniversary session for her & Eric we were over the moon! After thinking about a few different locations, Candi suggested the Naval Academy and we were instantly in LOVE! You see, I actually went to college on a debate scholarship where one of the big tournaments every year is on the ICONIC (and oh so beautiful) campus at the Naval Academy…and I have been dreaming of doing a shoot there ever since!

We had such beautiful light as we walked around the stone buildings and rows of columns  (you guys KNOW how I love classic architecture as a key component of our style!), getting to know these guys and the incredible team that they are. These two just have that extra something special that makes some couples stand out in your mind…I can just tell how lucky their kids are to have a marriage like this as an example. Plus, we realized that Candi and I just MIGHT be related since we both have the same maiden name: Bess!

After an incredible shoot we went down to the water for a few more photos and then oysters & orange crushes. We had the best time!! Here are just a FEW of my faves!

Candi & Eric, we LOVE you guys! Thank you for everything!

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