January 13, 2010

New Haven Lawn Club Wedding (part II)

And now… more of Sarah & John’s amazing wedding at the New Haven Lawn Club!

A little behind the scenes look at the making of Sarah & John’s flashlight Film Noir portraits. We’ll be talking more about these Pancake session soon!

Just love this one!

  1. Brandi Stevenson

    fantastic wedding- great shots on all accounts

  2. Sarah

    WHATTTTTTTTTTTT!!! These are incredible!!!!!! We are so thrilled.

  3. Mairead

    I Love the pics on the stairs…no wait I love the ones outside…no wait I love…..ALL OF THEM!!!!!

  4. Sarah ..again.

    OK so really – Justin and Mary…you are AMAZING!!!

  5. Alicia Candelora

    That dress would be Jim Hjelm #8863, wouldn’t it? I have only been eying that exact dress for FOREVER!

  6. Tara Templeton

    Ok–I LOVE the idea of using a flashlight for a more dramatic/film noir effect! Brilliant! Would love to learn more tricks like that! All the images are gorgeous and I love your work!

  7. Marissa Rodriguez

    Her dress, the theme, the stairs, the grandma…just perfect!!!

  8. mrs karen

    Justin- The pix on that gorgeous staircase remind me of Andre Kertesz. Amazing!!

  9. Christine Pobke

    My goodness, what a gorgeous couple! The bride is seriously stunning, and I am soooo in love with her dress!!!! :) Beautiful shots as always, guys! :)

  10. Lindsay Milan

    OOOOOOHH! Love-love-LOOOVE the sequence shot of the newlyweds’ dancing! They almost dance right out of the picture! Gorgeous work, as always, guys :)

  11. Lauren

    AMAZING PICTURES!!! Part III please??!?!?

  12. Harmony Loves

    sooo gorgeous. I love them all but especially the B&Ws. great job!

  13. Eddye

    These guys are BEAUTIFUL. LOVVVVVE the grandma!

  14. ericamay

    ooh, i just love these! the shots on the stairs… stunning! so classy and beautiful.

  15. Jody Gray

    Super nice! Favs – the stairwell shots and the one of Grandma!!!! Tooooo cute! Worth the time :)

  16. Erica Velasco

    Love love love the staircase shots and the film noir photos! Can’t wait for pancakes!

  17. feuza

    oh can you please share your lighting tips in this hall~ pretty please, love that dance shot overlaying movement, hot~ and that grandma is something,

  18. Chelsea Nicole

    Simply gorgeous. Love these! Especially the staircase ones. :-)

  19. sarah

    i. cannot. get. over. that. dress. WOWZEE!

    and gran dancing with such intensity at the end??!! brilliant! i’d frame that one for sure!

  20. Vicki

    Wow! These pictures capture the essence of how perfect Sarah & John’s day was. I can’t wait to see more!

  21. Jil

    love these! esp. the staircase shots!!

  22. Susannah

    GORGEOUS gorgeous everything! LOVE the flashlight pics! and I LOVE the first dance pic that is either quadruple exposed or super slow shutter? amazing!

  23. jeramy

    i really think this is one of your best. great job! safe travels

  24. melinda

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today and wanted to compliment you on your work. I LOVE how your shots of the bride don’t blow out her dress. A lot of photogs do that and it’s so annoying because you know the bride wants to remember all those little details. Anyways sorry for the rant. Your work is so inspiring!

  25. Eliane

    WOW… I sit here everyday looking at your Blog, the photos and wondering.. { How do you guys Do such a Perfect Job } every photo is so amazing… I’m like ur #1 fan hahaha… God Bless :) Hugs Elly

  26. Lindsi

    My favorite is the double (or quad) exposed dancing photo. Amazing! Can’t wait to see you guys at WPPI~

  27. john pascale

    Great post and the four photos overlayed of them dancing is absolutely amazing! Incredible

  28. Ray

    OMG, I love that sequence/action photo of Sarah & John dancing! How did you do that?! It’s an awesome photo. And the staircase photos are wonderful as well. Such an exquisite staircase.

  29. Meredith Perdue

    This might just be my favorite wedding of yours! (Of course, that’s probably super easy to say because you guys are awesome!) Hope you’re having fun on the tour!

  30. Carol G

    I LOVE everything about this wedding. I keep on looking at them over and over and see something new every time. Can’t wait for the rest of them. Happiness always Sarah & John!

  31. Melody

    Love the multi exposure shot and the last one is beautiful too!

  32. imthiaz houseman

    oh, i likey, likey… what a good looking couple and wedding.

  33. Jackie Beale

    all the off camera light portraits are simply divine! I’m in love.

  34. Maggieb


  35. Amber Jennings

    These photos are very HOLLYWOOD and I love that Hollywood Glam! Everything from the absolutely gorgeous bride to the sleek contrast of light and architecture. Stunning!

  36. Rylee Sundquist

    I LOVE the old hollywood style of the portraits on the staircase and in the chairs! Fantastic job!

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