March 18, 2013

New York City Wedding: Kristy & TJ

Good morning & Happy Monday!!

Today we get to kick off the week right by sharing Kristy & TJ’s gorgeous New York City wedding that we shot a while back, along with the help of our good friends Ashley & Jeremy. Kristy & TJ were originally scheduled to get married this past November, but Hurricane Sandy had other plans. So they rescheduled for a few months later, and in that I believe they found their perfect day. What I loved most about this day was how all of K&T’s friends and family rallied around them to make their day twice as amazing. Every single person who came just wanted nothing but the best for these two, and you could feel their love and hope fill the room. It is always an honor to document our couples’ days, but somehow on this day we felt that even more. And I think it was because of what a gift it was to watch two people laugh & love and soak in the day no matter what. Kristy & TJ, you are two people who have already learned how to dance in the rain and weather any storm. It is a privilege to watch how you love.

So, so much love!

  1. Tiffany Farley


  2. anouschka

    wow, simply wow!

  3. Melisa Draper


  4. Dallas Curow

    I love the richness of these photos. What a beautiful couple–their love shines so brightly. Some of your finest work, J & M!

  5. Sarah Adams

    Always so amazed by your photos! This is no exception…especially love the night shots with the bridge in the background! So magical. And is that dog in a tux?! Oh my goodness, so cute!

  6. Katie Yuen

    Its like your wedding blog posts are a recipe to make me cry.. good tears always but its seriously every. single. time. XOX

  7. Katie Jane

    The black and white of people throwing petals at them is so incredibly lovely.

  8. Ashley Barnett

    Yay!!! Love seeing this one come to life on the blog after being there! So gorgeous!!! :)

  9. sarah

    Can you do a Pancake session on how you lit the shots outside at night?
    It looks like a spotlight hitting them on the right, or else a street light that just so happened to be there.
    The ones where they are standing parallel with the bench shows the light, but then what did you do when they were sitting? A video light? Off-camera flash?

  10. sharon elizabeth


  11. Rachel McCloud

    This is stunning. I love every image and can’t pick a favorite. :)

  12. Tiffany Bolk

    You probably get tired of hearing this I’m sure… but these are gorgeous! ;)

  13. Linda

    Your images take my breath away every time.

  14. Abby

    These are so beautiful! I will never get over how elegant and timeless your black & whites are!

  15. Amanda

    Your art work is so beautiful Justin & Mary! Absolutely the MOST ELEGANT photography I have ever seen!!!!

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