August 28, 2009

“Not only am I the President…”

Ok, it’s official. We have just reached a whole new level of cool. Because we are now in fact….wait for it, wait…the Presidents of our own Fan Club. Yes, we are in fact that awesome! :)

And we’re not going to stop there either. We’re going to start signing autographs to ourselves too. And stalking ourselves. And getting restraining orders against our selves. It’s all going to be so very E True Hollywood Story. THS for short. And then I’m pretty sure they’re going to make a Lifetime movie about it. Melissa Gilbert is going to play me. And that guy who played Scott Peterson will play Justin. I’m just sayin…

So in light of the fact that we are feeling about 10 degrees north of lame with the whole hair club for men “Not only am I the President, I’m a member too” aspect of this whole thing, if any of you guys would like to come hang out with us on our fan page and keep us company we would really appreciate it. There will be stale donuts and cold coffee, and we can all sit around and talk about our feelings. It’s going to be AWESOME!!! :) :)

You can sign up to drink the kool-aid HERE!! :) :)

Also, if we aren’t BFF on facebook yet, you can find us HERE and HERE

And heck, while we’re at it here’s twitter too: Mary and Justin

Where a la Zack Morris and the Zack Attack, we can be Friends Forever. (Talkin bout friiiiiiiiends for-ev-er. Always will be there!!)

  1. Ryan

    hahaha. friends forever. You dug that one out of the vault, huh?

  2. Rylee

    I really need to get on the whole facebook fanpage thing and post our photos up there. Kudos for being bold enough to stand out and say, "I’m cool"

  3. MM

    @Rylee: LOL!! Trust me, we are the polar opposite of cool!!!

  4. Dennis Bullock

    So i am here having my Chocolate Bannana Viviano and reading this coolness. I am so heading over there now!!!

    Extra exclamation points for you Mary!!!

  5. Esther

    I will SO be your friend!

  6. Leslie

    Just became a fan!! yay!! :)

  7. Jerome Braga

    um yeah, the 98 emails in your inbox might be a problem. lol

  8. Bedazzled Photography

    Hahaha you guys are too cool for school. Off to go fan y’ll and friend y’al and twitter y’ll :)

  9. Justin Marantz

    @ Jerome: LOL, you should see Mary’s!

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