December 3, 2012

NYC Anniversary Shoot: Abby & Matt

Happy Monday Internet!!

Today I am SO excited to kick off this week right, by sharing with you an NYC anniversary shoot we just did with the amazing Abby & Matt!! Abby is actually a wedding photographer herself down in the DC area, who we got to meet first through this blog (the internet is an amazing thing!), then for a Walk Through a Wedding Workshop earlier this year, and now she is someone we feel very lucky to call a friend! So when she contacted us about doing an anniversary shoot for her & her adorable husband Matt we knew we had to make it happen! After a few back & forths trying to schedule dates in either DC or CT, we finally found a weekend that worked for all four of us in the middle in NYC. We spent time with these guys walking around the City, sipping hot cocoa, randomly running in to Chicago photographer Kenny Kim, and (my favorite!) ordering mac & cheese with a side of …mac & cheese! at the famous Bubby’s.

It was an incredible day. Spent with two absolutely incredible people who I love with my whole heart!

Meet: Abby & Matt

  1. Tiffany Farley


  2. Abbey


  3. Rebekah Hoyt

    SOOO beautiful!! You really captured Abby and Matt’s sweet love – such a great session!!

  4. Brianna

    Love! The whole shoot is beautiful but the black and white photos are a-maz-za-zing!

  5. Abby Grace, J&M's #1 fan

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!! Yayayay! Oh Justin & Mary, you have no idea what these photos mean to us. Spending the afternoon with you all in front of your lenses made me fall in love with my husband and my career all over again. Thank you so much for such an incredible day, and for such beautiful images to fill our home with! I know we’re going to love these even more in 62 years, though it’s hard to imagine being any more ecstatic with them than I am today! We love you!!

  6. Mia Bjerring

    These are absolutely stunning! But all of your work is!
    And Abby is such a sweet girl! PS. Abby you should get in front of the camera more often, just sayin’. You are gorgeous!

  7. Urška

    Such a gorgeous shoot! Love it!

  8. Liz and Ryan

    Adorable!!!!! Love these! And love Abby too! ;)

  9. Lara

    These are lovely! So glad you had the chance to be in front of the camera, Abby.

  10. Deborah Zoe

    yay Abby!!! Did you have the most amazing time?! These are SOOOO gorg!!:)

  11. ashley barnett

    Awww! Abby looks SO pretty!!!! Love her trench coat of awesome-ness! Beautiful session guys!

  12. molly

    HOLYSCHNEIKES! these are gorgeous!!!

  13. Spring

    Love love love!!! That one of Abby lookin back in that stunning coat- that light is just yummy!!!! Beautiful job xoxoxo

  14. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    And…this makes me really want an anniversary shoot with Justin&Mary!!! You and Matt are A-dorable, Abby!!!

  15. Rebekah Carter

    Abby, you are gorgeous! You have the best smile!

  16. Carrie


  17. Laura Gordon

    Eeeek! These are so beautiful!

  18. Emilia Jane

    So beautiful.

  19. Jean

    Beautiful photos of my gorgeous granddaughter and her handsome husband. So beautiful!

  20. Katelyn James

    Abby you get it girl!!! Love these!! And I JUST shot in the same places! So cool to see a different view!! LOVE THEM!!!

  21. sharon elizabeth

    love times a zillion!

  22. Rachel McCloud

    so stinking cute. :)

  23. Rici

    WOW! Abby just WOW! You looooook soooo amazing! Incredible! So much fun seeing you on J&M´s Blog today! So much style and love and nice colors! Lot´s of love to y`all from Germany. ;-)

  24. Sarah Goodwin

    Totally lovin’ this! So amazing & love seeing Abby on the other side of the camera :)

  25. ashley link

    YAY!!! what a perfect way to brighten up a monday! i love this session! abby looks gorgeous! GREAT JOB, justin and mary! absolutely beautiful! :)

  26. jessica vidmar photography

    seriously, unbelievably stunning. so in love with these images!!!

  27. LEOLAK

    Wow!!! Gorgeous!!

  28. Lauren Wakefield

    Gorgeous!!!! I love her outfit and the photos are amazing…as usual.

  29. Erin Schrad

    Love, love, love these images! They are just so incredibly timeless. Abby, you look like a model!

  30. Tori Watson

    these are PERFECTION! it’s so fun to see a friend on your blog, and how wonderfully you documented them. :) love, love, love!

  31. Karen Field

    As Abby’s mom I’ve told her how much I love her passion in photography. But I also wanted to see her in front of the camera. It’s so nice to hear others think the same. And kudos to Matt as being photographed is not really "his thing". Abby and Matt really are what you see in these photos.

  32. Erin

    Abby, if you’re reading – WHERE are those yellow shoes from!?!?! They would be perfect with my wedding colors ;)

  33. Abby Grace

    @Erin- they’re from DSW!

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