November 16, 2012

NYC City Hall Park Wedding: Krissy & Stephen

The dress was white and lace, and it hung in her sister’s closet. From the moment that she saw it, she knew that it was everything that she wanted and needed. And nothing more. She didn’t need ruffles and layers. Sequins and beading just weren’t for her. She had always said it was because she was a simple girl. But everyone around her already knew….it was because hers was the kind of beauty that was its own adornment. The kind of grace that never goes out of style. And right now, the only thing missing was him.

The day was white and gray, and it hung in the air as if it too had been invited for the occasion. From the moment that he saw her, he knew that she was everything that he wanted and needed. And so much more. She wasn’t the kind to be the center of attention. Fanfare and fuss just weren’t for her. He had always heard her say it was because she was a simple girl. But right then, with everyone around them, he already knew…it was because she was the kind of girl who could change your whole world quietly without you even noticing. The kind of love that takes over when you aren’t even aware. Until you finally realize….

The only thing ever missing was her.

Married: Krissy & Stephen

Krissy & Stephen were married on the perfect gray New York November day that is the stuff black & white dreams are made of. They were surrounded by 27 of their closest friends and family, as they stood in front of the City Hall Park fountain and promised a lifetime of soft spoken memories together. And a love that doesn’t need to be fancy to be forever. K&S I can’t tell you how much we loved being there with you as you start this life together. What you trusted us with is an honor. And what you stand for is an inspiration. My hope is that you will love like this always….quietly and fearlessly and without question.

So much love,

  1. Tiffany Farley

    Past perfect. love love love.

  2. Ely

    I love the last two. Just love them!

  3. Emilia Jane

    I love everything about this.

  4. Emily

    Absolutely stunning! I adore all the black and white. And her style is classy perfection! LOVE!

  5. Abbey

    Oh my, this has got to be one of my favorites!!!!

  6. Christy Tyler

    These feel so ‘old hollywood’ to me and I LOVE IT. I especially love how moody they nighttime ones are… just gorgeous!!!

  7. Jeremy Mitchell

    Oh my, these are amazing! Great job guys!

  8. Sarah Goodwin

    oh my word. I love every single thing about this. The sophisticated simplicity, the rich black & whites, the iconic-ness. GAHHHH, so incredibly breathtaking & emotional J&M!

  9. Abby Grace

    Oh my goodness, these are so ELEGANT. And timeless- truly timeless. You’ve created an album of heirlooms for this couple- BEAUTIFUL work!! And Justin you’re absolutely right- New York was made for black and whites.

  10. Jackie Phillips

    Just lovely! Timeless really.

  11. Karen Stott

    I LOVE it when you guys shoot simple weddings in the city. They are my absolute fav!!! STUNNING!

  12. sharon elizabeth


  13. Jen

    These are so stunning!! I love the one of them kissing on the steps and her petting the dog, but they are all gorgeous!

  14. Spring

    You guys take the PERFECT NYC timeless photos- these looks like movie stills- your two NYC small weddings are my absolute favorites. Talk about perfection.

  15. ashley barnett

    So chic. Her dress is amazing. You guys are the masters of the NYC intimate wedding.

  16. Lisa Cour

    SA-WOON!!!!! oh my word! Wow. I started to pick out a favorite or two…completely impossible.


  17. Kristin

    Wow…these are fabulous.

  18. Rachel McCloud

    So gorgeous I can’t stand it. Right out of an old movie. I love her shoes too.

  19. Katie Yuen

    Although I love each and every one of your weddings, there’s something about the New York City ones that make my heart skip a beat. Gorgeous, and simple.

  20. Kari Jeanne

    AHH. Love. LOVE. The timeless feeling to these photos is incredible – they look as if this wedding could have taken place 50 years ago. Amazing.

  21. Shauna

    I love the simplicity of this wedding and the last set of images, the light is simply divine!

  22. Jil

    wow! i love the ones on the court house steps, but 145 is mind-blowing (and captures NYC perfectly)

  23. Cindy Habel

    Absolutely LOVE this wedding! One of the most stunning weddings I’ve ever seen….timeless, amazing, stylish and original…well done Krissy and Stephen!! And breathtakingly beautiful photography Justin and Mary!!

  24. Jessica Frey

    You two are so amazing at capturing the true essence and timeless beauty of your couples – loved this one and it’s black and white classy goodness ;)

  25. caitlin elizabeth

    every time i see one of your weddings like this – it makes me want to elope. just my beau and me, and a handful of witnesses to include the perfect photographers. <3

  26. Rici

    SO I guess this is the epic one of 2012? For me it is. SO beautiful. I´m speechless. that´s why I will stop right here and go pin alllll of these amazing images onto my inspiration board. Lot´s of Salutiiii.

  27. Laura Gordon

    Ok, this is crazy how pretty this is!! I’m obsessed with that shot of the bride and the dog!

  28. Andrea P.

    Can this be any more beautiful? Classy and classic.

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