July 24, 2014

NYC Engagement Shoot: Emily & John

Happy Friday friends!

And boy do we have something to send you off into the weekend right: Emily & John’s sweet engagement shoot all around NYC!!

We met up with these guys & had the best time roaming around some of their favorite streets, taking pictures, and finishing up at their favorite Mexican restaurant. And along the way we got to hear their amazing story! These two first met when they were both in the tropics for family weddings when they were teenagers. They saw each other, struck up a conversation and then a friendship. And Emily joked even then that that was the boy she was going to marry.

Fast forward a few years and they bumped into each other in passing in college. Fast forward a few more years after that and John was still in Emily’s heart. As she says, just like in that movie Serendipity, she just couldn’t shake the feeling that she was supposed to find him one more time. And so she took a chance and sent him a message. And pretty soon that message turned into dating, into John moving from Denver to NYC to be with her, and now….a wedding next year back in the tropics!!

How AMAZING is that!!? Incredible, right!!

Emily & John, we had the BEST time hanging out & getting to know you guys and talking about big dreams. And now we are even MORE excited for the big day next year! Until then, here are a few of our favorites from our time together!

Love you guys!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    they are adorable!!!! love the colors in the second outfit!!!

  2. Sam King

    Umm… they are kissing and in the SAME pose in every single picture. I think there are three where he isn’t kissing her. Bor-ing.

  3. Jennifer

    love this session – there is so much connection between them. wonderfully captured !!!

  4. Christy Tyler

    Adorable couple! Love the moody twilight ones at the end!

  5. Rici

    What a wonderful story! serendipity gets me every time ;) And Ohhh, these images are so lovely! Beautiful outfits and great places!!!

  6. Tre Cavil

    Beautiful couple! Love this photo session!

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