January 2, 2012

NYE Times Square

It’s true. I’m not really what you would call a party animal.

I mean at most, I’m more like what you might call a party stuffed animal. Given the choice between a club and my couch, I’ll take the couch every time. Pajamas. Good movies. Champagne. That’s me. And it’s also true that I’ve developed somewhat of a reputation for falling asleep on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s is usually spent with Justin and my bff Joey, and every year around 11:15 I doze off and these two get stuck watching whatever movie I picked out. Usually something with Sarah Jessica Parker. When midnight rolls around, they wake me up long enough for a toast, and then I crawl up to bed amazed I stayed awake that long.

I know, I know right. Lindsay Lohan ain’t got nothin’ on me.

And so it came to be that last year as I was writing out my 2011 goals, I determined to “do something more exciting for New Year’s this year.” Listen friends: Never underestimate the power of putting pen to paper when it comes to your goals. Because although I would have had no way of knowing what exactly it would be at the time, I’d say it’s safe to say that goal was answered this year. Times a million.

As it turns out, our past bride Jil (who I am sure all of you remember from her 1940s inspired NYC wedding), does the event coordination for New Year’s Eve in Times Square. And, as it also turns out, every year on the day before they host a small private viewing party for a select group of people before they get the Ball ready to go into action. For those of you who don’t know her personally, I can tell you that Jil is just one of those magic people who brings magic to all those around her. And I love her for that. She’s the kind of person I want to work harder to be like. Well, this year she had a few extra spots on the list, and she gave them to us. Little old, sit on the couch, stuffed animal us. And I will never look at New Year’s Eve the same again.

Hey, it’s working already…I even stayed awake all the way to midnight this year. :)

“Do something more exciting for New Year’s this year.” Check. And Check.

**Dear Mary, you don’t have to dress like whatever landmark you are going to see. What’s next? A baguette purse at the Eiffel Tower? Love, You.

Us & the beautiful Jil!!

  1. Seventh Ward Photography

    I am so jealous! That looked like a ton of fun. Happy New Year, Justin and Mary (and the rest of you reading this!)

  2. Katie

    Seriously awesome! Glad you guys had a good time:) Here’s to another year and may more of your goals you speak out loud, come true!

  3. Christa

    That’s so awesome :)

  4. Alicia White

    What a SWEET job she has! Wow!!! Cheers to an amazing New Years Eve to you guys! How fun! <3

  5. Alicia Candeora

    So I’ve done Times Square on NYE 3 times. but never from that spot. BEYOND JEALOUS. Like you, I’m more of a party animal in my head rather than in person but Adam and I had a "nice low key, laid back New Years Eve" this year so I told him next year we need to do something more fun…cause we aren’t getting any younger. So just in case you are thinking of doing something more low key, tell Jil that you have two great friends that would kill to attend her little party. :)

  6. betsy la vida

    Love it!! That’s so cool :) Happy, happy new year!!!

  7. Nancy Mitchell

    WOW! That is beyond amazing. CHEERS to a great 2012! And just maybe you will hit PARIS this year:) The Eiffel Tower is extraordinary!

  8. MM

    @Nancy: you’re right, it so is! Justin & I were there in 2005 right after the London bombings. We were living in London for the summer, and thought it would be a good idea to get out of Dodge for a few days! :)

  9. Paul Manke

    SO seriously jealous!

  10. Christy

    Hey – I love the sparkly skirt you have on! Don’t knock it! ;)

  11. Christina Dely

    What an exciting experience! Happy New Year!!!

  12. Jil

    a super fun day and so happy to share it with such wonderful people! here’s to an incredible 2012!!

  13. Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    SO MAGICAL!!!! ;) I kind of have this dream to produce the Macy’s Day Parade ( ;) ) and I am wondering if Jil might have some contacts?! haha!!! So amazing! Cheers to making goals a reality in such a fabulous way!!

  14. Linda Kuo

    Happy New Year to you both. Although my work is completely unrelated to what you do, I feel connected to you both (because that is what you do best) recently I made the decision to only include (as much as possible) authentic and genuine things in my life, so that means that J&M are on the list. Thank you for sharing your work, your life and may 2012 bring the best of everything to the three of you. (Cooper has dreams too) xoxo Linda

  15. Heather

    Once upon a time I lived on Long Island and dreamed of times square on NYE. Eventually I moved away, never having witnessed the magic. Now I live 9 hours away and wish I had. So glad you guys did it up right!

  16. Gabby / En Route Photography

    That is one hell of a new year´s eve indeed!!!!! Going to New York is one of my biggest dreams for 2012! I hope it will come true! (scrap that, I´ll make it happen… just need to rob a bank no biggie) aaaanyway I think I said it before but we´d totally be BFFs!!!! It embarrassing how seldom I get out of my PJs and I once actually set an alarm clock just to wake up for NYE…. it lasted 5 min before I went back to sleep! True story! AAAAnyway… way too long comment!!! Love yr posts and hope through some magic we´ll get to meet in 2012!!! ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR to the both of you!

  17. Joe Don Richardson

    You’ll are the coolest and kind of dorkiest people I know. That is why I love you’ll!

  18. Taylor Jackson

    Mary! I think a NYE in NYC is a must!!!! awesome shots and I hope you had an amazing time! :)

  19. Elizabeth Ann King

    OH i just LOOOVEEE this!!!!

  20. Michelle Feeney

    That is absolutely fantastic Mary! Congrats and how fun :)

  21. Peter

    How very exciting!

  22. Deborah Zoe

    SO COOL!! Is Jill the Hilary Swank from New Years Eve?!

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