December 13, 2010

Ocean Cliff Wedding: Kelly & Michael (Part II)

And now, for those of you in the really late crowd….Part II of Kelly & Michael’s Ocean Cliff wedding!!


  1. Christa

    I love how you make every wedding look fabulous :)

  2. Kat Faltus

    Justin and Mary your photos are absolutely gorgeous!! We can’t thank you enough for capturing the beauty of my sister’s wedding day!!

  3. {15:51} photography

    Oh, I just love those reception pictures…so much joy!

  4. Samantha Harkins

    There such amazing color here in the bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets. Beautiful!

  5. Sarah Goodwin

    What a storybook wedding?! The floral design is so unique. I love the feather accents. The wishing tree is a great idea and compliments the theme nicely. Gorgeous photos!

  6. Bridget Nagelberg

    The pictures are beautiful. Kelly, you look gorgeous!

  7. Beth

    These photos are beautiful kelly – perfectly capturing the memories of your special day!

  8. Patty

    Absolutely beautiful photos of a spectacular event of a very special couple!

  9. Girish

    Love the shots of them on the stones and gorgeous light and sky.

    The details are great. Superb b/w shots of the dance. Well done.

  10. Kelsey Windisch

    Kat! these pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sending them to me! You look stunning and so does the bride! All the best to the newlyweds!

  11. Kelsey

    You look so beautiful and SO happy. The pictures show so much Love!

  12. Christina

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous. This looks like it was a classy and timeless affair, and I send all my best wishes to the bride and groom!

  13. Christina C.

    Lovely! These photos are magnificent!

  14. Maria Garcia

    This photos are AMAZING!!!! you look sooooo happy together
    !!!! cheers for LOVE!

  15. Erin

    Absolutely gorgeous :)

  16. Tricia

    These pictures are just incredible!! So happy that you could capture their special day!

  17. alan lao

    Kel, the pic of u at the table with mike nxt to u is really nice…one word really sums up that pic…JOY

  18. Ray

    Beautiful reception photos and photos at the beach. I love how the centerpieces were different and had such pops of color. ;o)

  19. al

    the black and whites are really well done

  20. Reny


  21. Krissy

    All of the pictures are so wonderful! Great photography.

  22. Christian Rodriguez

    Kel these pics. came out nice…glad I could be part of your day

  23. Michael Berni

    Nice pics. Kel

  24. Kathleen Faltus, Mother of Bride

    I can’t say enough about what it meant to have Justin and Mary quietly capturing the many beautiful moments of Kelly and Michael’s wedding day. You were like a member of the family and had a very calming effect on all of us.

  25. John Faltus, Father of the Bride

    Excellent and very professsional work by Justin and Mary and which helped capture the joy and happiness of this special day for Michael, Kelly and our families.

  26. mike faltus

    Truely well caputured pictures of this wonderful moment. kelly you look great!

  27. John Faltus

    Wonderful pictures which fully capture the ambiance and beauty of the ceremony in addition to the joy of the happily married couple.

  28. kimmie

    Oh, I am so happy Justin and Mary took a picture of you in front of that mirror. The pictures all capture the feeling of love and happiness.

  29. Roxy

    So beautiful, this was a wonderful day that you captured so well!

  30. Jessica McLellan

    Kelly! These are gorgeous pictures! you look so in love!! i’m so happy for you! congrats! xoxox

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