October 25, 2009

Of Living & Loving & Sticking to Your Guns

We stood awash in puddles of umbrellas. Two here. Three there. All huddled together for warmth. Clinging to each other as the rain came down.

And oh did it ever come down.

In buckets, in bath tubs…it poured down on us with purpose and determination, and washed the day clean. It rained so hard our eyelashes grew heavy as they lined with tiny rain drops and the world in front of us went blurry.

And still…the rain came down.

They tried to talk her out of it. Told her to consider a safer, more comfortable option. To think about the alternative. But she just hiked up her dress, looked down at her wellies and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m getting married.”

To him. Because in that moment there was nothing more she wanted than to stand out in the pouring rain under that tree….their tree…and marry him.

Justin, Julia & I stood the perimeter and stood watch. We felt like we were there as much for protection as documentation. The last line of defense between what they wanted and what the rest of the world had in mind. I shot her a look as if to say “It’s ok…we got you. Just soak it all in. You’re here with him now… and that’s all that matters.” And just like that the air went electric. The rain grew hot and burned on my skin, charged from the power of feeling connected. From watching two people take a stand. Seeing two people choose to live and love the way that they wanted to. The only way that made sense to them.

I looked over at my smiling husband with rain pouring down his face and hair stuck to his forehead, and I raised my face to the sobbing sky and silently thanked God for the life that he has blessed us with. Because see, there are a lot of people in our lives who will never understand why we do what we do. Why we choose to take such a long, hard road, when safe & comfortable was just within reach.

But we do what we do for the very same reason that Alison & Jeremiah stood out under that tree. Because it was where they felt closest to everything they love. Everything that really matters in life. See, they stood out there because it wasn’t safe or comfortable. But because it was remarkable. And it was theirs. Just him and her and their love.

And it made them feel alive.

  1. ZinchukStudios

    Aww, what a sweet wedding! This grand shot captures it perfectly :)

  2. Julia

    Wonderfully put !! A testament to true love that can weather any storm! :)

  3. Jacob Bergmeier / NoDo Photography

    Beautiful image and great story! Please stop coming to my neck of the woods without letting me buy you a coffee at Starbucks to say thank you for everything you have done to help me this year. :)

  4. Gina Meola

    So perfectly put! Beautiful!

  5. Michelle Sidles

    This is awesome!! I can’t wait to see and read more about this wedding! I have goosebumps as I read it. It’s so fab when people stand for something and don’t bend to what the collective crowd is telling them!

  6. Ray

    Beauitful story, beautiful couple and beautiful life. And what a beautiful b&w photo of such a glorious tree.

  7. Deidre

    Wow! Though if that were my tree I would get married under it no matter the weather as well. It clearly has such a beautiful history…
    Amazing shot/story :)

  8. Erica Velasco

    Why do I always cry after reading your posts?

  9. Monika Shepherd

    Beautiful pictures are one thing. Beautiful words another. Thanks for the inspiration… two fold. PS – Sounds like you may need to add an umbrella (or towel) to your favorites list.

  10. Jennelle

    Mary, this is about the third time I’ve read you’re blog and blinked back tears! How do you stand living it? You know me, I’m not like that, so it’s really sayin’ something. Beautiful!

  11. Ali Green

    J&M – thank you so much for braving the rain with us and for all your support throughout the day! we love you guys. this post rocks and this photo is awesome…can’t wait to see the rest!!! Much love – Ali and Jeremiah Green

  12. Lisa H. Chang

    Thank you for the inspiring story and picture. This couple will remember this day, and their decision, for the rest of their lives. I can imagine them recounting this story some day for their grandchildren. And the tree will still be there :)

  13. Laura

    What an amazing picture!! I am so glad both Alison and Jeremiah did it! They are a great couple and will have this memory not only in their minds but great proof to show it! You guys are great photographers.

  14. Carrie Roseman

    Mary, you speak from the heart and it touches mine. Thank you for your words…and for you and Justin’s courage to live the dream.

  15. Jackie Lamas

    that was so beautifully written! Love is so awesome.

  16. Onada

    I love this post and the picture is fantastic!

  17. Alice

    This is such a wonderful post… fantastic photo… perfect combination!

  18. Thea

    chills…what beautiful words you use to describe such a powerful moment. The photograph is amazing as well. What a tree!

  19. Joe

    Wow… At first glace I thought, nice picture… I’m not going to read ALL of that. Then I read it… and I teared up… and realized there is so much more to your photography than just taking amazing pictures. Those words were beautiful.

  20. Chad

    Amazing story.

  21. Marietta

    You guys are just amazing!

  22. Talia

    You guys are totally amazing. Being there to capture these details and these moments, and then put words to the photographs to help others understand is something not many can do. But you guys just get it! Awesome.

  23. Christa

    Love it

  24. Christa

    Love it

  25. Catherine Cella

    Mary~ I have not had the pleasure of personally meeting you yet, but I feel I have through your words, your pictures, your website. Thanks for the kind words and tears. Life is precious and we are all so very blessed to being doing what we love. Thanks….

  26. Susan Rubeo

    2people a special day and nothing stoped you , Love can conquer all you have a wonderful life ahead together Jeremiah & Allison enjoy it

    The Rubeo’s

  27. Carla ten eyck

    beautiful words and beautiful image

  28. Carla ten eyck

    beautiful words and beautiful image

  29. Leeann

    Amazing post. Gave me the chills!

  30. Kristy Reimer

    My most favorite post ever!!

  31. Tira j

    Gorgeous words and can’t wait to see more!

  32. Rene Tate

    Yup, definitely goosebumps.

  33. Marissa Rodriguez

    WOW! Such a strong post! So beautiful! I can’t even say anything else….soooo powerful.

  34. Lauren Long

    I am so happy for the both of you. The picture says it all!

  35. Kristin & Bill

    Joe is right. You two are more than photographers… You’re work is more than pictures. You have this way of reaching into people’s souls.. you put your hearts out there and touch so many more in return.. it’s beyond anything I can explain. That post is absolutely incredible… I think Bill even teared up a little :)

  36. Joey

    What a gorgeous tree! How romantic was that!

  37. andrea blair

    Breathtaking…so much emotion behind this photo that words need not describe it.

  38. Rick O

    WOW – not really much more came to mind after reading that – but my eyes kinda welled … Awesome.

  39. maggieb

    you make the intangible oh so tangible through pictures and words…what a gift!!! and would you just look at this moment!!!!!

  40. bridget

    AMAZING. love your work. happy to have found it through style me pretty. :)

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